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Acapellas And Rappers

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  1. 143864
    Vizronics : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    First of all acapellas should be a song or something similar. Not just 4 words...what the hell am I supposed to do with that? Secondly, I am sick to death of hip hop rappers! Everytime I get to the acapellas section I have to go through 50 bad rappers to try to find something musical. To me, there is nothing musical about someone just talking. blah, blah, blah. Whatever happened to music and know...singing? God all that hip hop crap sounds the crap. I am a black man so dont say I am racist, I am just SICK TO DEATH of everyone trying to rap. Go take some singing lessons or learn how to play an instrument or something. Maybe we should just put the rappers in one section so the people who are trying to write SONGS can skip over that crap. This is a great site, but everyone and their grandma thinks that they are lil wayne, or lil bo peep or something. Please people . . . . . SING! ABOUT SOMETHING....ANYTHING. There I've got that off my chest.

  2. 247316
    Unknown User : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    lol. Chill out.....

  3. 143864
    Vizronics : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    You're right Trojan, I should just chill. I guess I am just having a bad day. Oh, maybe I'll rap about that! lol

  4. 247316
    Unknown User : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    Haha. If ur after top notch rap vocals for any of ur tracks (i saw u had a few beats) u shud check out Nepauls 'pellas. He's one of the best on the site and his vocal recording quality is spot on aswell...

  5. 143864
    Vizronics : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    I appreciate the direction man. What I am saying is this: When you listen to T.I., lil wayne and those guys. They have a hook in the rap. You know...'You can have whatever you like'. Something catchy that makes it a song. Not just wanking for 5 minutes about how great you are. God that drives me nuts. That and the fact that I have no bud on a Saturday night is really ticking me off. -) I am really not a jerk, I am just saying...if you want to sound like a pro. Put something together that is complete, a verse, a chorus a hook. Something people can remember.

  6. 1
    Looperman : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    nothing against rap but it would be good to see plenty of actual singing in the acapellas section too.

    The same goes for loops. Im always pleased to hear stuff played on a real instrument as apposed to yet another basic drum loop.

    Dont get me wrong, it all has its place but there sure is space for more full songs being sung and interesting riffs actually being played.

    I do think the acapellas section needs an option to find raps OR singing. This would make it easier to find what your after

  7. 226662
    EthicSpeaks : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    @ Viz
    I understand what you are saying. Please keep in mind a few things:
    1) You here a lot of rappers because thats is who primarily choses to post Pellas.
    2) I believe must of us rappers have not been doing it that long. Thats why Looperman has the review system. I you don't like a track be honest tell them what they need to change. That it the only way a person can really perfect their art and make music like TI and Lil Wayne.
    3) If you don't like Rap DON'T LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!! Every Pella has what genre it is. Don't listen if it says RAP. Go to the search bar and hit R&B or soul or whatever it is you want to here.
    4) Don't take you misguided anger out at Rap. There is bad singers on here, bad rock on here bad Jazz ect.

  8. 226662
    EthicSpeaks : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    Excuse my last post I had a few misspelled words. I guess that is what happens when someone frustrates firstthing in the morning.
    @ Viz
    No disrespect intended just having a discussion

  9. 141223
    nepaul : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    @ trojanmic. Good looking out. I appreciate the love. Respect.

    @Vizronics. It's not such a good idea to come out swinging at the raps. We tend to take everything too personal. LOL. Remember this site has a a lot of amateurs, so you get what you pay for. And since it's a free site...

    I agree with my man Ethic here; look for pellas in the genre that DO interest you. Check out Gizella, Holly, Little Fox..These gales have some nice pipes and plenty of pellas for you to work with.

  10. 245295
    JaketheKilla : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    i would'nt say he' ll the best
    lmao my better

  11. 231107
    calico45 : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago

    yo....Check out my trax man. You may have a different opinion about us " RAPPERS" .... Open mindedness please.

  12. 143864
    Vizronics : Mon 19th Oct 2009 : 11 years ago


    I didn't mean to attack rappers in general. I must admit that i was having a very bad day. So like the media, I decided to take it out on rap music. lol -) Dudes, I respect the efforts of everyone on this site, good, bad and ugly. Hell, the crap I do could be picked apart too, and honestly, I would be a little sensitive to that as well!

    Rap is a very valid form of musical expression. I do miss the old days of subject matter ie. Public Enemy, X-Clan, PRT and the likes. But I still enjoy listening to some of the music being put out today. I have much respect and love for the members of the looperman community. And I promise the next time I drink a 6 pack and take a few shots. I wont get on looperman and vent my frustrations on people who are trying to enjoy, grow and create on looperman. I hope I havent really pissed anyone off, if I did, I do apologize.


  13. 264821
    Unknown User : Sun 8th Nov 2009 : 11 years ago

    lol i always miss the good stuff you tell em killer.

  14. 200087
    Unknown User : Mon 9th Nov 2009 : 11 years ago

    Viz, I do agree with you on certain points, but there are A LOT of TERRIBLE singers on here as well as rappers. I wish there better talented people on this site, it's just too saturated with a lot of garbage. I only used 1 acapella here, 1 out 672 of them. That says a lot about this site. I pretty much just get the loops when I feel inspired.

  15. 82647
    ChrisGoodwin : Mon 9th Nov 2009 : 11 years ago

    ...I get loops to sample. By the way, I'm a producer, that plays live drums, bass and guitar on my beats on occasion. But I agree with you, Viz, despite I'm not the biggest Wayne fan.

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