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    fiery : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    .... Well, new for me lol. I know a lot of people will have heard of some of these bands, BUT for those who haven't they're worth mentioning.

    Encrypted Verbalist - I've done several tracks with this guy but before I even did one, I was a huge fan. I love the guy's voice, his writing, the whole package. I wish more hip hop was like that.. because he's the epitome of the things that attacted me to the genre in the first place.

    Pendulum - flippin AWESOME drum n bass crew from head knocking music. I just found a 2 hour mix set from The Essential Mix, after my fiance kept telling me to check them out, was blown away!

    Hot Bitch Arsenal - I actually reviewed them on and was completely stunned at both the vocals and the mix... THIS is the kind of sound I am aiming for eventually. Down to earth people as well. Make note of the fact they have all their tracks posted for download on their site and all they ask for is a couple drops in the bucket... I personally beelined for the CD based just on that lol.

    God Experiment - I love industrial music and this guy is hella creative in that department. Some great tracks on his page... he's definitely a unique individual.

    Linda Strawberry - Girl is all over myspace, I am really surprised that she's not a bit more well known in general. Solid songwriting and a gorgeous voice to go with it.She's also a great artist.

    Kilna - When I started out making electronic music he offered me some advice that helped me get started on vsti, and he's a really creative guy. The music is very cool stuff.

    The Garden of Ian - Encrypted Verbalist turned me onto this guy because he had collabed with him and was a fan. Great voice and songwriting.

    The Gutter Twins - I am a big lover of goth music but it can all start to sound the same after a while... enter these guys. Anyone who loves either bluesy rock or goth music would love these guys... amazing writing/music/voice it's the whole package!

    Collide - I bought the Chasing the Ghost disc I love these guys so much... their cover of White Rabbit is amazing... also love Lunatics. Hell I love it all lol that's why I bought the cd!

    Post Zygote Project - Discovered these guys on Music Nation, they're from WAY Northern Ontario, and have a wicked polished sound considering they aren't signed to a label.. also bought that cd ;)

    Bwicked - I loved this guy's style immediately, I have his page bookmarked lol.

    Okay so that's it for now... if anyone goes and checks out some of these bands, lemme know what you think. Definitely curious to see if anyone else thinks alike ;) I'll add more bands later as I think of them... my favorites list is forever growing lol.

  2. 143247
    Unknown User : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    hey there hows u...i must have to say that pendulum kick arse,they have a sound all by themselves i have seen them a couple of times at raves and they r jus mind blowin especially when they bein played thru valve soundsystym,if u dont know valve go check it,they built all trier own equipment and have one of the best sounds i have ever heard in my life..........peeaccee

  3. 72470
    fiery : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    Ohh I'll definitely check out Valve... see, this is why I started this one! hehe

  4. 72470
    fiery : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    More to add (sorry, in need of a distraction) lol

    Angel Anderson - Helluva voice... found her when I was reviewing tracks on slice, knew before the track was done I'd have to hunt more down.

    The French Semester - Indie/Shoegaze sound, I've been following their myspace a while now... pretty awesome stuff.

    Otto's Daughter - Great driving industrial metal sound... female singer with a kickass voice.

    the tleilaxu music machine - Very unique guy, admittedly a weirdo lol... awesome music, I think mrrobot might like this dude, it kinda reminds me of some of his tracks.

    The Strand - Industrial music and costumes... what's not to love?! hehe awesome tracks on their page actually. Def worth checkng out if you like industrial electro.

    Abney Park - I found these guys when I came across their version of Stigmata Martyr (which when I saw the title thought was gonna be a Bauhaus cover-wrong) turns out it's a diff song and good one at that.

    K that's it for now I'll add more when they come to me (which is actually way too often!) lol

  5. 143247
    Unknown User : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    cheers lisa i go check them out,always lookin to hear new things-i also wanna say how great portishead were,i know most people prob no most of there tracks but if any1 dosnt they should go check them out-dummy was the greatest album ever to be made...peeeaaacceee

  6. 72470
    fiery : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    Ooo love Portishead!

    Also, Hooverphonic

    Zero 7

    The Secret Meeting

    Raine Maida (going to see him in concert March 21st, been a fan forever)

    .... sorry off the electronic vein again but I got looking through my artist myspace list lol

    Just Jack

    Kosheen (yeah I know most people have heard of them, but JUST in case!)

    Kate Havnevik (My fiance sent me to her profile last night... gorgeous stuff, kinda like a cross between Enya's music and Emiliana Torrini's style of singing)

    k out of my system again. Hi. I'm Lisa and I'm a music addict! (no I don't want a 12 step program!)

  7. 125530
    H_E_A_R_N : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    hi! just checked out some of your links. i know some of them and like them very much, like pendulum, kosheen and especially portishead.
    others i don't know, never even heard of them but i will check out one another. i was just at god experiment. i like that industrial kinda music very much, that's cool sound! ever heard of wumpscut? check this out! highly recommended!!! ;)
    the site is in both english and german. some albums may freely be downloaded there

    if looking for electronic, search for 'Alter Ego' on myspace. that guys have a unique style of nu skool dance music.

  8. 125530
    H_E_A_R_N : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    sry 4 that double post. you can't download the full albums but snippets of the tracks. some contest remixes may be downloaded freely.

  9. 72470
    fiery : Sun 9th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    Yeah Wumpscut are wicked... love War. More artists to mention (good god I really am a music addict!)

    KMFDM - I know a lot of people know about them but there could be the odd one that doesn't cause it took me til last year to discover them.

    VNV Nation - Love the meaning of the group's name - Victory not Vengeance. They have some really killer tracks, I think my favorites would be Beloved and Entropy... and of course Chrome.

    Icon of Coil - Actually fairly new discovery too but I love them

    Apoptygma Berzerk

    Combichrist - kinda sado/masochist themed stuff... but still some great tracks.

    Wolfsheim - been around a long time but another one I only heard of last year... really love Once in a Lifetime.

    Last year around June I started going to the alternative nightclub here in town... I already listened to a lot of the music, but it sooo expanded my knowledge of what was out there... I'm going to miss them when I move cities.

    (for anyone who wants to check it out lol)

  10. 9780
    Unknown User : Mon 10th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    Jehn Cerron

  11. 39029
    rei4real : Mon 10th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    well, I want to add two artists I found on myspace:

    Atomic Blonde:
    a female hardrock band from Nashville, those girls truly rock!!!!!! and for me it's absolutely unbelievable that they're unsigned ...

    Susan Cagle:
    very very good singer/songwriter from NYC ... just listen ...

    peace, rei

  12. 143247
    Unknown User : Mon 10th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    wow so many new artists to check lisa u keepin me busy man,only jus been able to log in again kept gettin logged in as looperman before...peeaaccee

  13. 39029
    rei4real : Wed 12th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    and here are two bands I discovered on :

    fantastic rock band with a female singer from the Netherlands ...
    their guitarplayer is incredible!!!

    Slave called shiver
    friends of mine from Vienna, Austria

    both bands offer free mp3-downloads on their profiles ...

    thx, rei

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