Thanks To Many Loopermen For Botulism

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  1. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Wed 16th Sep 2009 : 12 years ago


    just wanna thank a bunch of people for the following loops used in botulism

    ensam - funkdrum3
    xarnor - fast guitar riff
    acid paradox - chop down violins
    aj vasky - organ bender
    drofon - fuzzy metal loop
    emissi0n - dead loop
    HMNN - BC Beat Sidechained Hats
    loopeytunes - Last Goodbye Intro Hat
    zikanis - screamo vocal

    check it out / dnb industrial metal
    Delicate Angel: Botulism

    chaka khan !!!

  2. 605220
    Ensam : Wed 16th Sep 2009 : 12 years ago

    Nice one and thanks for the mention.


  3. 445235
    Loopeytunes : Wed 16th Sep 2009 : 12 years ago

    same as ensam said, Thanks for the mention.

  4. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Wed 16th Sep 2009 : 12 years ago

    no problem guys.. i have good naming convetions so I don't loose track chaka !

  5. 233631
    JDOT2006 : Wed 16th Sep 2009 : 12 years ago

    @ NeilVisher, this a great post - Good looks on givin props to the members whose loops / samples you used, thats what I like to see and I try to do the same thing as much as possible - ( by the way, I just listened to your track and its mad nice, Im starting to love Industrial more and more and more as days go on - especially your versions ... ) Well, seeing this post is about mentioning who's who I kinda figured I'd let you know Neil that I made an Industrial DnB track with some of YOUR sick loops and samples off creep envy and the like ... if you wanna check that out, heres the link:

    Do you think I should post it to that site of yours seeing I used some of your stuff ? Is it worthy enough ?

    J DOT ~ 2006

  6. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Thu 17th Sep 2009 : 12 years ago

    that's sweet bro...

    I wouldn't say you had to post it on the site cuz you used some of the loops, but I think cross-promotion is the sh1t so if you were referring to the 3rd Nipple Remixes page - I can do that and link to your page (I don't get ALOT of hits, but search engines will link us)

    kicks a55 man !

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