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What Good 2 Have On Your Computer Record

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  1. 245295
    JaketheKilla : Thu 10th Sep 2009 : 11 years ago

    what best thing ucan have on your computer
    like software studio and more talk 2 me
    i want the best

  2. 259306
    bigshifty3e : Thu 10th Sep 2009 : 11 years ago

    personally i use adobe audition v3 because of ease and flexibility but thats just me a few of the best out there is of course pro tools or cubase you can record in fl studios etc... but if you want quality sound pro tools is probably the best i've seen just an opinion

  3. 138336
    Krook : Thu 10th Sep 2009 : 11 years ago

    My personal favorite is Ableton its an awesome program.


  4. 247316
    Unknown User : Thu 10th Sep 2009 : 11 years ago

    Have a look at orion platinum version 7, its a real dark horse in the mixing and recording world, its what i use. Its brilliant for programing ur own keys, manipulating samples, drum programming and sequencing..then get ur self t-racks for mastering ur final mix.

  5. 186273
    EpiseMusic : Fri 11th Sep 2009 : 11 years ago

    "Reason + Record" both by propellerhead
    its all you will ever need

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