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    DJ_Tappy : Sun 17th Dec 2006 : 15 years ago

    any 1 help meim 14 and i wanna mix like other djs ive made 9 song but not used loops can any1 teach me? ad my msn

  2. 53047
    SZoundscape : Mon 30th Apr 2007 : 15 years ago

    Id recommend starting of with Fruity Loops. If you dont have any instruments with midi, it is the best. Right now, FL 7 is out, and I think it is really good. Listen to my tracks (if youre into techno/trance) and all the tracks were made with Fruity Loops. I started off making songs with it, so why not give it a try??
    You could use acidpro or other ones to touch up on your songs after you have made them with Fruity Loops.

  3. 34972
    demolitionkid : Thu 21st Jun 2007 : 14 years ago

    acid is a great program to learn on.when you load your tracks you need to beat map them.when it says do you want to beat map ,you say yes and learn how to beat map.start out with little loops that you can easily see the beginning and end of.then move on to your full length tracks. ableton is great for fixing any files that dont have an exact time or click track to them.it really is the big brother to acid as the people that designed acid designed ableton.

  4. 61300
    speedyron : Sun 24th Jun 2007 : 14 years ago

    Steinberg Remix is good for beginners. It's very easy to learn. Its also pretty cheap on ebay right now. $10-$15 US shipping included

  5. 34452
    Gsusfrk : Tue 29th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    ACID doesn't have a good midi selection (plus you cant make your own sound...or maybe that was just my predicament I couldn't figure out >.>) anyways fruity loops is a good start, reason should be your next trip then maybe cubase ^.^

  6. 583767
    eshar : Tue 29th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    @ Gsusfrk - you have to start checking the dates of the threads before you respond to them. This thread was started 2 years ago...and the member hasn't been on site since!!!

    Thread closed.

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