How Do You Choose The Tracks You Listen To On Looperman?

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  1. 101882
    Unknown User : Sun 2nd Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    I noticed a lot of the loop community has ties with the hiphop, pop, rap, and garage sound. How do you guys decide what you will listen to here at looperman? And how do you rate the tracks you review.
    scale 1-10
    thumb up or down

    What say you?

  2. 69965
    ChaseManhattan : Sun 2nd Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    you don't rate them literally even though it would be nice. instead you just check out the song and review it with words and the artist can work on the reviewed songs with what was said. of course you shouldnt expect a review though if you dont write anything for us to know what the song is like below it. yep thats all i gotta say

  3. 124392
    Rockingchair : Sun 2nd Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    Well let me start by saying hello I myself dont choose by style its all music to me Im relativly new here only by days but if I like it I let people know it there is so much talent and styles often change even myself dont know where i might go with a piece.I cant say i have any kind of expression yet its up to you to be the judge just givin an oppurtunity to be judged with constructive criticism. Always thumbs up!!Most of us wont review what we concider bad

  4. 143247
    Unknown User : Sun 2nd Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    i dont really choose wot i listen 2 by genre,alot of the time i listen to the new posted tracks and if i like an artist il listen to more from there profile...i try and mix it up a bit and listen to loadsa dif tracks from dif artists rather than 10 at a time from 1 person..altho sometimes i will listen to a track and have to listen to more from them straight away...also sometimes see a title pop up in featured tracks box i not listened to so go straight 2

  5. 118997
    Damian999 : Mon 3rd Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    I don't rate the tracks i just comment them :) and i dont really look at the style since there are some styles im not into but i can still appreciate the i just look at the new tracks or check em out at random

  6. 119171
    johnnygadget : Tue 4th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    I try to give constructive criticism if needed or accolades if thats the case. I try to get to the new tracks when I can or grab the featured tracks when they pop up that way you can review something that is older and maybe uploaded a while ago. There is so much being uploaded that it is hard to keep up with. but the more tracks you review the more often your tracks become featured I believe, If there is anything better than looperman and the way this site operates, The man upstairs is keeping it for himself.
    Johnny Gadget

  7. 71878
    Psychotropic_Circle : Tue 4th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    usually by random
    but if I know the artists style and know him as good composer
    I visit his profile to see if there are some new tracks in his account time after time

  8. 79105
    Centrist : Tue 4th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    When i'm in a good mood, I tend to review tracks more. I usually try to aim my reviews toward the newer members, so they feel important and welcome. Also, I review alot of the Orchestral and Metal genres, considering that they are the least made. Also because it's my favorite type of music.

  9. 101882
    Unknown User : Wed 5th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    Wow the comments are great. I think we do rate the tracks in a sense...first: we listen to the tracks some more than others. second: we can choose them as favorites or we can download them. lastly: we can make comments and share our thoughts and emotions as we listen to them.
    I have gotten really great ideas from the looperman community since I have been apart of it.

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