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  1. 236455
    MASTERCORDELL : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    hey fams just wondering if anyone knows whose been the longest looperman member on here because i just checked out some off the 1st tracks that were uploaded and the members that uploaded back then i hardly see them on here..just wondering


  2. 148594
    ECKSjoe : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Other than shan himself, It's this fellow:

  3. 192978
    3HEADEDMONSTABEATZ : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    with all them loop downloads he must be sale our loops..lol

  4. 372886
    Bilbozo : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Actually that guy hasn't been on the Loop for years. I know I joined the beginning of 2007 and for active members, Slap, Cystem and Planet were all here beforehand. Over 3 years. Talk about veterans, they are all so old they fart dust !

  5. 236455
    MASTERCORDELL : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    its weird how much loops hez downloaded since theres only 13018 loops and hez got lik 600 sumthing thousand lolz.

  6. 68799
    bosonHavoc : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    @master thats not how much he has downloaded thats how much people downloaded from him.

    in fact his downloads just went up because he has some sick sounding drum beats that i just snagged :D

  7. 68799
    bosonHavoc : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    and where the hell is that loud mouth blunted at?
    i could only understand like half of what he said but i love him anyway hehehe

  8. 1
    Looperman : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Off the top of my head cystem is probably one of the oldest members who is still active.

    If you look at the news and announcements thread you'll see when certain features were introduced to the site.

    The site has been around since around 2000 but you did not have to join at that time. I rebuilt it in August 2006 and added membership functions and the ability to upload your own loops. At that point I also added the loops we had been sent so far and those that had created them as the first members.

    Over the years I have removed maybe 100,000 members whos account were not doing anything so were probably heading for 300,000 since August 2006.

  9. 264821
    Unknown User : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    i remeber the old days. sign up, download get the hell out of dodge, but one day i was looking for stuff and noticed a community. and a place to share. so i was hooked. this place has so many talented people. i just wish more would upload loops. i am storing up/makng lots right now, cant say how many ive got but when i start uploading loops, ill be uploading quite a few.
    im also glad to say that some of the oplder members , ones that have been here the longest have also been some of the most kindest people. so its nice place to be. long live the noobz!!lol

  10. 439229
    mrE : Wed 17th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    i think mokeone is the oldest of the active members

  11. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Thu 18th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Actually, the oldest member who has contributed oodles of stuff and has logged on most recently is...

    DJ Fred Val

    And Mokeone's right behind him (by 3 days).

    Oh, and here's a fun bit of stuff. Did yall know that Bentley Rhythm Ace has a profile on here? Here's the link to their page...


    Later on!


  12. 79125
    Unknown User : Thu 18th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    click the link above to Bentley Rhythm Ace's profile and look at the time since last log in. LOL

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