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  1. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Wed 10th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Do you get down with Fruity Loops? Talk about it here!

  2. 76999
    DJ_JEZZA : Wed 10th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    I use FL for most of my stuff D_V - its simple, and has awesome plugin and preset functions, theres loads of stuff that i can do on FL and i can run it on my mac (for people who know how)

    But then again, i dont just confine myself to Fruity i use reason, cubase, ab live and a selection of outside stuff, but i find the mastering and the creation, just swell in FL.


  3. 224937
    Faketrix : Wed 10th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    @ DJ_JEZZA - Yeh i love creating in FL too it makes things easy.

    Ive been creating minimal dance type music in FL now for a few months and found it a great program to learn the basics on. I am getting to the point where i can make decent tracks but am lacking in knowledge on how to effectively use special effects to make my tracks more interesting and add more dynamics and variation. If anyone has any tips on this or any cool FX tutorial links that would be great.

    Cheers, Faketrix.

  4. 95108
    TheseMetalDays : Wed 10th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    In my opinion FL is quite good tool for beginners and advanced music makers. Dynamics and variations depend on you, not the program.

  5. 224937
    Faketrix : Fri 12th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Hey guys,

    Could do with some help please. I have just discovered the fruity slicer and am having some issues.

    I am trying to record just 8 bars of music exactly but when i hit record and play the track the 8 bars keeps looping and i am having trouble trying to edit it in edison to get it perfect. does anyone know how i can just record a selected piece of music so that i can load it into fruity slicer?

    I am sorry if i havnt explained clearly but ive tried haha.

    Cheers for any help guys, Faketrix

  6. 227830
    JackRipper : Mon 15th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Man, I'm not real sure what it is you are trying to do, but i will give it a shot: Record your sample into edison, create a granulizer channel, and the drag the sample from edison into the granulizer. go to the plug-in pane on the granulizer window and go down to where it says "time" and select the "step" setting. This allows you to edit the sample in steps and what that means is that each step starts at a different sequence in the sample.(all in order of course) for example: step one is the start of the sample, step to is just a little further than step one etc. This can really come in handy.. after you get it where you want it, i would bump it to wave and then open it up in the slicer.. Hope this helps dude..

  7. 227830
    JackRipper : Mon 15th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Btw, hit record on input in edison.

  8. 192978
    3HEADEDMONSTABEATZ : Mon 15th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago


  9. 224937
    Faketrix : Mon 15th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    Thanks for the help Jack ill try that out tonight!

  10. 197146
    Unknown User : Sat 12th Sep 2009 : 10 years ago

    I love using FL Studio but it can be time consuming sometimes.

  11. 180667
    Butcha : Sun 13th Sep 2009 : 10 years ago

    word Lokakuun_maa, well said. FL get's a lot of sh*t thrown at it merely because a lot of beginners use it. when i hear ppl diss'n it for that reason alone i can't help but laugh at their ignorance... hahahaha

    I lost my producing virginity to FL studio :) my first time was so good that i haven't left her ;)

    everything i have made in the 2 years i have been producing was on the mighty FL 5...

    Butcha d-_-b

  12. 209373
    KIESERSAUCER : Sun 13th Sep 2009 : 10 years ago

    fl8 is my bytch! Now i dont use fl8 stock sounds but only as a platform. @faketrix do u use acid? cuz u can always edit your samples in acid then import them into frutiy loops and that'll save you time!Acid can also be rewired thru fl8 which is a plus!
    fl9 is out and i plan on gettn tht real soon!!

  13. 224937
    Faketrix : Sun 13th Sep 2009 : 10 years ago

    @ KIESERSAUCER, thanks for the advice man. Fortunately i have learnt a lot since that last post and have got the issues resolved. Thanks anyway!

    Cheers, Faketrix

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