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  1. 111251
    Unknown User : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    well! here, on this site,there are some very good tracks and artists dont alowe i wanna ask why? becouse there are lots of ways to record or download track form this site (any site).i downloaded few beats (for a friend) and tracks that i like.i just download the song that is very good and artist didnt alow download(sorry the hands that rock the deck "Comin' On Strong" greate song i had to have it)...
    SOOO please leave the DOWNLOAD button!!!!!

  2. 439229
    mrE : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    you know i always wonder that myself. i mean in this day and age all you have to do is listen to the track and its on your computer regardless of whether the artist allows downloads or not. i dont download as a respect , but , you guys have to realize that your music can be easily downloaded even if you dont let them . ern G

  3. 583767
    eshar : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    Hiya eno88,
    I was the person that suggested that artist's should have the 'no download' option. The most obvious reason for this is because people might actually want to make money from their tracks and if you can download them free then that isn't going to happen. I think what I was actually thinking of when I suggested it though was the issue of copyright...and by that I mean that some people are using samples in their work that might infringe another artist's copyright. Technically the artist can still sue you even if you don't allow others to download that work, but sometimes you just want some one to hear the track you've made. I hope this is some kind of explanation. Enrg is right when he says about respecting an artist's wishes, but I do realise that if someone wants to download a track they will.

  4. 111251
    Unknown User : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    well you are right about that! i was just talking about this site artists here dont have any copyrights so its useless to dont alow download... i live in country where peopel dont even know that trance is gender of music 1 od 1000 know who is paul van dyk or tiesto. so i cant make any money by downloading tracks from this site... anyway its artists choice to alow, or not, download. im just saying that its useless to dont alowe download!

  5. 583767
    eshar : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    Hi eno88,
    even though I do understand the point you're making I thought I should just point out that eveyone has copyright. All the artist's work on here is copyrighted. However, I was thinking about the time I used some loops from a remix contest. Those loops are the property of the artist allowing me to remix his work. I have permission to use them for the contest and usually that is all. If I allow people to download the track I've made using those loops I'm infringing his copyright.

  6. 111251
    Unknown User : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    hi eshar!
    i know all that, you are right!im just saying that is useless to dont alow download.if someone wanna your track there is milion ways to have it without paing to artist (or whatever).by the way nice tunes eshar!!!

  7. 583767
    eshar : Sat 16th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    Hiya eno88,
    lol..sorry yeah you are right....just ignore me. I'm in a funny mood. I spent about 10 mins writing a response to one of the other post only to find that I wasn't logged in :(
    Thanks for listening to my tracks..I'll check out your profile soon.
    peace eshar

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