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  1. 217083
    StenDarker : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    Sten Darker comes from a comic I tried to make all the way back in 5th grade called "Parker & Darker". It was about two best friends, stereotype idiot Ben Parker (I wasn't very creative) and stereotype boy-genious Sten Darker (I reeeeealy wasn't very creative) who comedic adventures that made little sense. Ocationally, there was even satire. XD

    It sucked. artisticly, it was circles and squares with Butch hartmen-style hair (as seen in Danny Phantom)oh, and ovals too... yeah. The comody must have been cute. I thought it was great! but, looking back, it kind of stunk. and I've never been good at characterisation either.

    Anyway, I got sick of drawing it, and all my comics dissappeared into non-existance.

    later, I discovered the internet, and made the name 224668, which came from a video game based on a kid's show where you assign numbers. (I still watch cartoons. and my real numbuh was 2283668, but I got it mixed up) and, when I realised that wasn't a very good name, I brought back Sten Darker, because I liked the name more, and I could better relate to Sten, who was the geeky one.

    This is my sole identity online, now. (I'm still not very creative)

    And now that I'm learning a manga-style of art, I plan to revamp the comic on dA.

  2. 116269
    DextDee : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    @stendarker, nice story. i read somewhere that as a kid, u have no problem asked to draw something, u just get to it, but when u grow and u are told to draw, u are like naaa, drawing is not my thing...
    i get me?
    the comic thing was similar to mine, but mine was something else, i just did not want to put it away, it is what i am still furthering at!!, i say bring back the comic and have fun with ur imagination!

  3. 138552
    Randall822 : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    My name is from my AOL screename (Randall822) I received when a few other Randall names were taken when I joined up many years ago.
    So I settled on one they suggested and stuck with it.
    I use it everyplace so it is easy to find me on Facebook, Talenttrove, Acidplanet, MySpace.


  4. 116269
    DextDee : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    EI!!! i know this is obvious but HEY!! it also occured to me,
    why was the name LOOPERMAN chosen? there could have been many other names that would contain the word loop, so y looperman?

  5. 511681
    CWarren : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    @DextDee-Thats a really good question bro. I never really thought about it until now.


  6. 116269
    DextDee : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    lol, dude, am feeling u, lol

  7. 93125
    Unknown User : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    my soundz is epic something like uve neveer heard b4 thats why its epic soundz

  8. 116269
    DextDee : Fri 5th Jun 2009 : 13 years ago

    i c... pretty interesting epic!!

  9. 241372
    celestial1157 : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    i wanted something somewhat religious, something that was positive and uplifting. the numbers 1157 is just something that has stuck with me over the years. its currently my fav number :D

    celestial [suh-les-chuhl]:
    1. pertaining to the sky or visible heaven.
    2. pertaining to the spiritual or invisible heaven; heavenly; divine: celestial bliss.

  10. 62363
    OneVizun : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    ok im an idiot... I just posted a post asking the same thing not too long ago and was wondering why no one answered. I should have looked harder in the forums but hey.

    anyway Vizun (pronounced vision) because of the bible scripture
    Psalms 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.

  11. 258735
    LazarusBlack : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    Originally my musical name wuz DJ Kaz (mid 80's).I was a Dj and music maker for a rap group that me and some friends formed.later it I got more into writing and became more of a lyricist for the group (D.I.E. posse--Definitely In Effect)--gotta love the 80's.LOL.Ive always been a huge horror movie fan and was starting to get into Horror fiction.My favorite author was and still is Clive Barker.Very Dark and Graphic author. several of his stories have been made into movies-action figures and even videogames.one of his story/movies is Rawhead Rex,A relentless Demon accidentaly unearthed by a farmer.I watched that movie over and over.lol.my friends just started calling me Rawhead and it just stuck.

  12. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    alividlife is pretty self-explanatory, and I like the way it looks and sounds.

    personally, I always feel that life is a constant duality of love and hate, and everything in between, and i think it's a good way to express that.

    "a" con-notating an entity or thing
    "livid" which is livid (lvd)
    1. Discolored, as from a bruise; black-and-blue.
    2. Ashen or pallid: a face livid with shock.
    3. Extremely angry; furious.
    "life" which represents everything we perceive.

    furthermore, my music is definitely in-sync with my name and style, and I don't find it strange that the best music I have written is while I am happy and full of joy, and the crappy music happens when I feel crappy as a human being... which I have been feeling crappy lately.

    I guess it's really...
    Music is about my life, and my music is about my life...
    (plus i was in a prog-metal band called "livid" in the late 90's and 2000's.)

    cool thread, seen a couple of them throughout the years
    this one seems to be the biggest

  13. 296998
    FriedLoops : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    My Loops are not boiled.They are all Fried. Hhahaha haha.
    So I thought,If you take Fried + Loops it creates just what I want. FriedLOOPS.So believe me,my loops are all from a hot frying pan straight to the plate! = ORIGINAL.

  14. 82647
    ChrisGoodwin : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    Hah these are are cool stories. Well my first rap name was G-Money Franchise. G-Money, meant "getting money" while Franchise was the nickname of my favorite basketball player at the time (Steve Francis). As I got older, I became a fan of darker music, so I re-dubbed myself as The Boogeyman, as homage to one of my favorite horror movies at the time. I went through another name change about a year later, dubbing myself "Phoenix", as a sign of respect to one of my favorite actors (River Phoenix) and Basketball teams (Phoenix Suns). Then about another six months or so and I decided no more gimmicks and re-dubbed myself C. Goody, which stems from my real name (Chris Goodwin).

  15. 70119
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    my name means well let me break it down for u the first part is MR and thats coz a man and the second CoOk is my last name lol
    jus thought ild share with everyone i feel better now

  16. 230755
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    I was eighteen months when I bit off someones ear. My mom changed my name to NF right then, and it's been that way forever. My real name is Heewhuudayrs Wins. It's common in my part of the world.


  17. 230755
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    @ vizun....mate.
    "he that keeps the law, happy is he?"

    how about:
    Woe unto you, ye lawyers! For ye have taken away
    the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves,
    and them that were entering in, ye hindered. Luke. XI, 52.

    Why does everyone hate lawyers so much anyway? Even Luke? I'd have thought he'd need a damn good lawyer after he found out Vader was his dad.

  18. 220346
    Peres : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    Am I the only person on this site who actually uses their real name?

  19. 70119
    Unknown User : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    my real name is mr cook well thats how my post gets del'd to my house lol

  20. 82647
    ChrisGoodwin : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    Haha no, I go my my full name at times. My music name is just a shortened version of it.

  21. 62363
    OneVizun : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    well, most of us use an alias to define us, or define our art. Define what moves us, what motivates us to become individuals that either want to leave a small mark or make a big change. Sure, using your real name is fine and all, but imagine if everyone decided to do that and, lets say, just use their first name. How many Micheals, Chris's, Johns, Roberts, Anthonys and Davids would you find on here.

    An alias just makes us as a people a bit more interesting and keeps the audience intrigued about us.

  22. 244671
    ShaubYaella : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    I am the last of my kind. Like the Huron Indian of North America. Inbreds have a tough time with the pronunciation of my last name, so I decided to have compassion on their lack of phonetic skills and make it easier for them to pronounce and my music is an extension of the magnificence of my soul.

  23. 247253
    n0mad23 : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    I'm glad to see this one's back up again.

    I think peoples' "pen names" reveal a lot about both their aesthetics and what they want to portray. A lot of pseudonyms also speak directly to ideals vs. egos as well.

    I find that a lot of "guest's" names are really sad and make me really curious as to why they'd want to publicly beat themselves up. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel compelled to ruffle their hair a bit, pat them on the back and say, "It's OK. You're welcome here"?

  24. 251339
    Rtdabombnetwork : Fri 9th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    mine is db for my name and sdot is like this what comes after a period? nothing so i'm solo like the polo horseman i guess

  25. 222837
    Softface : Fri 9th Oct 2009 : 12 years ago

    My mom says I got a soft, fat disgusting face. I shortened it a bit.

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