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  1. 146059
    RayKoefoed : Fri 22nd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share this video I just finished since it is partially thanks to all the help and advice people have offered me on here. I plan on finishing a new machinima video for machinima.com every 2 weeks now. YouTube has cracked down on people using copyrighted music in there videos, so I have decided to make my own music. Here is the first of these types of videos. I hope you enjoy it.


  2. 152969
    AcidParadox : Fri 22nd May 2009 : 10 years ago


    Wow i didn't know you were doing machinima videos, but i must say that the video was great not only because i am a 0 percent fan of half life ( including portal,counter strike etc) but because the track was really creative and the video was great!!!


  3. 146059
    RayKoefoed : Fri 22nd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    that is great, I am glad to have found a looperman member that likes both machinima and Half-Life. Thanks for the reply, I am glad that you liked it.

    I just posted a song that will be for my next one Acid. I know you will understand the lyrics. Just picture Kleiner and Eli altered to look like gangsters, doing drivebys on Civil Patrol. I will have all you would hope for in a hip hop video. Cars with hydrolics, girls in bikinis, the works ;}

    Here is a link to the song if you are interested. If you don't mind, I would love to hear what you think about it, or if you would change anything.


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