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  1. 55357
    ultrabase : Wed 13th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    i have some other tracks that i downloaded from Trey!
    is there a way to put them on his acount?

  2. 583767
    eshar : Wed 13th Feb 2008 : 11 years ago

    Hi ratte,
    rei and I discussed the possibility of putting up some of Trey's other tracks. What I would like to do is just upload one of his tracks on my account that is not already up and post a link to his tracks page. If other people wanted to do the same it would be a good way to keep his music and his memory alive, however, I'm not sure how Looperman would feel about this...I do intend to ask though.
    I will drop you a line once I've had a reply from Looperman. Elaine/eshar

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