Flstudio Vs. Reason 4?

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  1. 252866
    dopro : Sat 9th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    So i use FLStudio 8. I have for a while. I guess that I really don't use alot of the functions that FL has.I pretty much sample, pitch shift, time shift, tone shift, eq filter, overlay samples, create my own drum patterns, and just in general feel that I have an ear for music. I sample with soundedit pro 2.0. I have been making beats with FL since version 4. My music production has came a LONG way since the first beat i made(as I am sure that we all have...lol).I have had a lot of people tell me that I have an ear and some talent but I want to diversify my bonds. I am thinking about getting Reason to expand my horizins. I would really like to hear some pro's and con's vs FL from some Reason users and some FL users. Tips, ideas, and critique are more than welcome. Check out my beats for an idea of where I am at with my music. Much thanks to all and any responses.

  2. 63133
    RogueAi : Sat 9th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Get Reason 4 it is simply amazing, I created most of my tracks with it the synth, samplers, and effects are great! Also I have heard that Propellerhead is coming out with a new daw that can record audio, I can't wait it would go perfectly with REason 4.

  3. 93125
    Unknown User : Sat 9th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    how much does a used version of reason run these days?

  4. 254504
    Unknown User : Sat 9th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I was trying to use reason but.... when i not even could inport an audio file only midi, i use fl studio 8 again also more options :)
    people don't know fl studio? give it a try;)

  5. 63133
    RogueAi : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Reason is a midi sequencer you must use a sampler or redrum to play audio files within reason.

  6. 252866
    dopro : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Thanks for the reply. But I am trying to get some opinions about how the two programs are different or similair. Also what about Cubase? I would love to hear from some producers that have used all three to see what they think also. The more replies the better!

  7. 252866
    dopro : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I really want to hear your opinion!!!! Reply to this post. please.

  8. 116269
    DextDee : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    actually i am interested in this post too, i want to know the difference, for now, i am on fl, untill i know any better program i can work with.

  9. 141901
    MCHN : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Cons of Reason: Audio can't be recorded directly into the program.
    That's the biggest one. Another is: No VsT's! And one more: It's samplers play only Wav, aif, rex, rex2, sf2(never messed with these). Rex files coming from Propellerhead's own Recycle app.

    Pros: The program is very easy to start doing pretty much any form of music. Sample based music will more than likely need Recycle. It comes bundled these days, and most people doing digital editing should be using Recycle. Thats another topic in itself. It's synth's are awesome. The drum machine(Redrum) is classic. Very easy to program loops with and manipulate audio using just that itself. Reason 4 has a dequantization for tracks called Regroove. This is also a pretty cool thing for adding a live feel to instruments. The sequencer is real easy to input to. It's got great effects(delay, chorus, flanger, filters, distortion). I'm sure I can rant all day about Reason lol. Also Reason can be used as a module alone. Rewire it into your favorite DAW and it becomes whole new beast to that system.

    Just to add though. I've never used FL. I have wanted to. I figure, with so many great things in other DAW's no one should limit themselves to just one app. Same goes for hardware. I do mainly use Reason. Don't let my music be a judge of what Reason can do. Reason works for me. The same that FL works for someone and Ableton does another. If you got the money I would recommend it. Give the demo a try though. Some things don't always work for everyone. Cheers

  10. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I'll admit that I don't have Reason 4. So I can't really comment on it. Some of the things I dislike about 3 is that you can't convert out in enough formats. The program is also overly complicated and it's built-in synthesizer isn't as versatile as I'd like.

    From the limited time that I've spent on Fl Studios I'd have to say that between the two it's the better program. Some of the logic behind this is that it's-
    More user friendly (easier to learn and use)
    More flexible (greater range of controls and options)
    More versatility
    Larger sample library (could be wrong though)
    Larger Demo library (though Reason 4 might come with more than 3 does)
    Plug & play configuration (you can start using Fl right off the bat, without needing a midi-keyboard, while you can't with Reason, not including the default demo template it pops up).
    Price (Fruity Loops is just the all around better deal= $200 vs $400, yeah... and that's not including all the demos and extras you get with the Producer Edition)

    All in all, I'd say get both!
    But I'm gonna suggest getting Fl Studios first. Either way, you'll be getting high quality DAWs with either (each with their own remarkable histories and achievements). Let us know what ya go with and have fun with 'em. Later on!


  11. 144299
    Gomez : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Check out this analogy, Michaelangelo is good wit his weapon a stick? Ralphael is also very good wit his own weapon (a fork. . . I guess.:) so also is Donny and Leo, (pls am not sure of d names and weapons) . All TMNT are good wit their chosen weapon. Whatever DAW you chose, study it well, it is a weapon that can wreck havoc in a good way. As 4 me, i pitch my tent wit image line, witCheck out this reason 4 in my pocket just in case.

  12. 144299
    Gomez : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    the 'checkout' in the last statement is an error.

  13. 209373
    KIESERSAUCER : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I agree with Gomez. If you master what you have then everything else doesnt matter. I use fl8 also and to have a wider variety of sounds I collect vst's like Pro 53 and 52, korg legacy collection and a hella load of other stuff. This will make fl8 a real force to be reckon with. I also have reason 4.0 but instead of using reason as a plat form I just rewire it to fl8 for the sounds as well. To me I dont think either one are any better then the next it just how you use it!

  14. 63133
    RogueAi : Sun 10th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    The reason to get Reason 4 is that you don't have to buy high quality plugins to use in it as it already has them. I don't care about the defalt sound library as I don't really use those sounds anyway. There are som routing options available in Reason 4 that are not available in FL.

    Also I said earlier that I heard that Proppellerhead is coming out with a daw that records audio to go rewire with Reason. Since Reason 4 is of high quality this new daw should be also.

  15. 247258
    streetpoet : Fri 22nd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I have watching my bro using fl for some time now, & damn it seemed impossible!!! then I met reason3, a frnd of mine showed me hw to use it, & damn it was not that difficult!.....bt then I got bored with it...nw Im using fl8 & its goin very well!!!! im collecting every vst I can get! just looking for more samples now! peace

  16. 246761
    DMennis : Fri 22nd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I started out on FL and ran it for a few years now ive been on reason for a couple years and i like reason a lot better, the way you layout your playlist and not lanes is a lot better cause in FL you have to have a different pattern for pretty much everything, and in reason u load ur sample or generator right into the playlist. But with reason you have to have a midi keyboard if you want to play and record not like Fl where u can use your computer keyboard to record. Reasons factory sound bank and fefills i think sound more authentic than FL. and in reason u can combine sounds and FX for in the combinator for so many things i think the reason interface is better, the way u get add things and controll wires instead of arrows on mixer like in FL But i was a little dissapointed with Reason because you can not drop in any vts but it has all the major parts,Delay,Reverb,phaser etc. but like u cant put autotune into it or stuff like that. but with RECYCLE it is easier to sample which is just for reason from propeller heads .... I have ran both reason and Fruity loops and i think that reason is better program and reason is making it so you can record audio right to the track they are looking for testers to work out the bugs. I hope this was helpful

  17. 180667
    Butcha : Sat 23rd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    damn!!! i hear this all the time!

    no program is better... it depends on what type of producer you are, or what you want to accomplish!

    you will find a lot of hip hop producers use FL because it is a lot easier to sample and then arrange the samples or any loop or sound (i.e chop etc). not to mention that basically has a never ending sound library (i.e VST and other plug-in importing)...
    im not saying that if you aren't a hip hop producer don't get FL, it's just that FL is more suited for these types of producers (beat/sampling/easy sound manipulation focused)
    ***im using FL5 at the moment purely because i am focused on hip hop production****

    yes, you can also do sampling & sound manipulation in reason (in conjunction with other programs also), but i must say it is MUCH easier in FL.

    one thing i don't like about reason is that refills are basically your only option when expanding your sound library... and Rewire'n the sequencer! but then again it opens a lot of doors as far as creativity goes!

    what im saying is, you have to pick the right program for you! don't listen to people that tell you straight up "aww this one is way better" because ultimately they don't have a clue... each have pros and cons relative to your own specific situation!

    also, don't think you have to get one or the other... there are so many other programs you can use, not only by themselves but also in conjunction with one an other! a few others you should check out are Cubase, Acid Pro (good with reason), Sound Forge (really good for editing) and Logic Pro!

    so all in all, it comes down to what suits you best! if you know what approach you are going for as a producer then all you have to do is a little bit of research on what programs do what and who they suit best, you will have no problem choosing the right one.....or two..... or three XD hehehe!

    Butcha d-_-b

  18. 102056
    Dj4Real : Sat 23rd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    ok here is the skinny with out the fatty.....
    I have been using fruity loops studio 8.... And I'd have to say,
    I really enjoy it... It is simple to use, and the quality is really high....You all know that because of my loops....
    Music maker really lacks every thing...And I dont know enough about Reason to say any thing about that... I do know that I dont like the quality of most loops I hear from it..

  19. 63133
    RogueAi : Sat 23rd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    Most people that use reason don't use loops.

  20. 82073
    MrRobot : Sat 23rd May 2009 : 10 years ago

    for me is reason4 not flexible enough

    i you have the choice learn better FL!

  21. 233631
    JDOT2006 : Sun 24th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I started using Sony Acid Pro many many many years ago and I loved it ... Started messing with FL a few years back and I now have FL8 XXL Producers Edition and Im hooked - its absolutely lovely - the immense possibilities of it is awesome so I have to agree with Donnie. I tried Reasons and its just not that user friendly compared to FL, but thats just me. I also use Decadance and I've messed with Abelton and used FL as a Plugin with that which was pretty sick - I'd honestly stick with FL for now.

    J DOT ~ 2006

  22. 261565
    SVS : Tue 26th May 2009 : 10 years ago

    I think that's silly to ask for a better, I for example accustomed to FL: hot keys, position, piano roll... and and what will I do in reason four hours, in FL stuio I finished two hours. I also support the, but this is not for me

  23. 140244
    CrissNickssonn : Mon 15th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    i heard that reason doesen't support vst plugins.

  24. 192978
    3HEADEDMONSTABEATZ : Tue 16th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    i use both software the pro's to me with reasons 4 are that i can play my midi controller and it record's live right on time unlike when i try to in fl8 i alwasys have to go back into piano rool and adjust the note on time. i like that fl8 bounces to mp3 unlike reasons4.
    im also learning to rewire fl8 and resons4 together so i can make my drum patts in fl8 and melodies in reason4.. on a 1 to 10 scale i would say reasons4 is a 7.5 and fl8 is a 5.0 but both are way better then magix 10 the 1st software i started with in "06"

  25. 269100
    trymezn : Tue 16th Jun 2009 : 10 years ago

    i 'm glad to joine this group of cool people i'm one of the pips who digz music but i'm new i the field and I use FL studio most of the time...........Whatz up all

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