Text To Speech "vocal" Melodies

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  1. 30573
    Reximus : Fri 8th May 2009 : 13 years ago

    Does anyone know how/where I can find a program that can to text-to-speech in a melody? Thanks!

  2. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Sat 9th May 2009 : 13 years ago

    Hey mate,
    quick question- what software are you runnin?

    Dunno about you, but some of my stuff comes with 'em loaded on the program.
    Heck, what are you wanting to add to your songs (I could roll 'em for you and email you the wavs/mp3s). Later on!


    PS. Get Magix coz it
    has text-to-speech.

  3. 233631
    JDOT2006 : Sat 9th May 2009 : 13 years ago

    Not sure of any programs out there, sure you could google a free beta or whatever. I use FL Studio 8 XXL Producers Edition and it has a text to speech plugin within the software itself. What do you use ? J DOT ~ 2006

  4. 9780
    Unknown User : Sun 10th May 2009 : 13 years ago


  5. 256598
    SIXTY6 : Sat 16th May 2009 : 13 years ago

    Dance or Techno ejay is one of the best for text to speech.

  6. 331557
    KERSER : Tue 22nd Dec 2009 : 12 years ago

    I think the easiest way is to grab a mic, record what you want to say and then distort the hell out of what you recorded. Experimentation is key, when you lack something, improvise. Good luck.

  7. 189091
    MaximBeats : Wed 6th Jan 2010 : 12 years ago

    There are actually a few ways:
    the one was already mentioned; grab a mike, record ur vocal and use a vocoder - with a bit knowhow u'll get great results...
    another way is to cut the single words an to pitch them to the key u want them to sound or to get the melodyne plugin and use it for doing that; would be much easier...
    but u also could use thisone (use the preset "singing girl") http://www.groovekitten.co.uk/#/talkany/4508182908 and autotune / gsnap (freeware).

  8. 48862
    nuclearzombies : Wed 6th Jan 2010 : 12 years ago

    thanks to Max S for the link.... you just saved me like hours and hours of tweaking ttv clips.... mad props dude!

  9. 189091
    MaximBeats : Wed 6th Jan 2010 : 12 years ago

    Sure ;) I'm glad that I was able to help

  10. 223506
    siensystem : Wed 6th Jan 2010 : 12 years ago

    Since the keywords here are "text to speech" and "melody" there is an instrument that was made exactly for this purpose. It is called VOCALOID distributed by Zero-G.

    This is the best and ONLY tool where you can create very natural sounding vocals with text. It is not a trypical "text to speech" as this tool is a full featured synth of its own with the emphasis on vocals.

    It is not a free tool but if you ever want to do some quick projects, their demo provides full functionality for sometime. Check their demo mp3s so you get an idea on the capability.


    The link above is to their oldest (most popular) Vocaloid product Miriam. They have others that you can check out depending on the target genre.

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