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  1. 117564
    beau41 : Wed 30th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    Hi guys, im new here...

    Im currently recording a track, my vocals a pretty poor. Does anyone know of any easy to use software that could make my voice sound better?


  2. 71878
    Psychotropic_Circle : Wed 30th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    there are some great vst plugins in audio logic under the filterbank but
    it´s impossible to copy them and use in other progs
    Flp also has some granulizer and good plugs to treat vocals but the result is better useable for special effects
    for a vocal mix try the normal way - good compression and equalizing

  3. 583767
    eshar : Wed 30th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    Hi beau41,
    welcome to Looperman. Of course there is software that can help improve your vocals, but it usually isn't free...in fact it's very expensive. The best thing to do is search the net for freeware or shareware. Hope this helps. eshar

  4. 65213
    SpAzz : Wed 30th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    hmmm... what are you running right now.??

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