How Can Improve The Quality Of Sound?

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  1. 105895
    djkobe : Wed 23rd Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    guys and gals...i just finished a track using sony acid and then when I recorded was automatically converted to a winamp file then the quality of it has been sounds like an echo and with less bass sometimes none at all...also i can hear some outside interferences like the sound of our television set... i was surprised that it came out like that...please assist me...thanx for the loops and beats you had provided...thanx mrrobot...keep up the good work

  2. 112730
    Sector7even : Wed 23rd Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    hmmm...what do you mean when you say you recorded it? when you save or save as mp3 you shouldnt have any problems or outside interference.
    try saving as mp3 under file at 56[bitrate] this compresses the file [or song] so you can upload to looperman or wherever.
    as for losing bass in spots, you may have inserted an effect....phaser[?] and not heard it because you were in an edit window??not too sure there, some of the more expierienced guys can probably help you better here.
    dont let it get you down as this is a minor glitch and youll be up and runnin' in no time.

  3. 82073
    MrRobot : Wed 23rd Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    play litte bit with Multiband-Compressor

    I would like to write a compressor workshop
    but my English is not good :(

  4. 105895
    djkobe : Thu 24th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    thanx i know how to save my track as mp3 and with the quality of it...i just have to open the file options and click render as then choose mp3 as a format for my track....
    i have a question for mrrobot......what is multiband compressor and how do you use it even for basic functions only and does sony acid pro has that feature?thanx

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