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  1. 115114
    Virttu : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    Hi everyone. Im just starting out and this is my first post. I am trying to download a few loops and media player tells me that i don't have the codec to play the files. What do I need to do? If this is the wrong forum I am sorry, please direct me to the proper place. Thanks everyone and Ciao! from Italy!

  2. 103881
    Aberon : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    Welcome Virttu. Why using the Media-Player? Try to use new Winamp. Most of the Samples here are in the .wav format. They always go. Some of the Loops here are in .aif or have special format for the Reasonmachines.
    You can download winamp for free from the net.

  3. 83928
    thehandthatrocks : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    welcome to the site. what program are you going to use for putting yours tracks together? the reason i ask is that you can get sony acid music studio express for free from there website. on it, you can listen to the samples and easily fit them together. hope this was what you were looking for and watching out for ya projects.

  4. 53047
    SZoundscape : Mon 21st Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    yeah as TheHandThatRocksTheDecks, pointed out you can open the loops in whatever DAW you use to make your music. Say its FL Studio, you load a sampler and load your loop. I doubt you downloaded the loops just to listen to them on windows media player. But, Im sure Windows Media Players support .wav formats or even .aif formats?

  5. 105895
    djkobe : Tue 22nd Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    just like you im also just starting out...i agree to thehandthatrocks had said...most of the loops here are on wav form...but after i mix them it always save in my computer as mp3 file which is better for me because it doesn't take up that much memory space in my computer...looking forward to hearing your tracks....cheers...kobe!!!!

  6. 115114
    Virttu : Tue 22nd Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all of your incredible suggestions. I took each one to heart. Aberon, Winamp worked great you’re a peach! Thank you. TheHandThatRocksTheDecks, the software you pointed me to was excellent, especially for us beginners. Thank you! Szoundscape, you were absolutely right I definitely wanted to use these wonderful loops all of you are making, thanks for all the great work. Djkobe, Thanks for the support! I can’t wait to hear my new tracks either. Thanks guys for everything, you all were a great help!

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