What Do You Do For Inspiration?

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  1. 83928
    thehandthatrocks : Sat 19th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    I don't know why but i seem to be suffering from a major creative drought at the moment.does any one else get like this? what do you do for your inspiration?

  2. 112730
    Sector7even : Sat 19th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    well i just uploaded a new track 2day and i made it because i was looking over 'bilbozo's profile and saw that he was from a place where i did alot of my growing up..one of the places i went to alot by the ocean there got me thinking. flowed good after that.used memories, well used them to get into a groove anyway.
    track was "gabriola brickyard tailings" and what this was, was an old brickyard and i would swim there as a kid and just go there with different family, some now passed away, and it had a [brick] red beach because of all the old tailings. the place is Gabriola Isl. near Nanaimo on Vancouver Isl.B.C. Canada...[beach]-"the brickyard"
    this was insperation, for me anyway.
    i guess thats Bilbozo..lol
    hope this can help you in any way, let me know.

  3. 112730
    Sector7even : Sat 19th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    [sorry]*-"THANKS BILBOZO"....not thats..lol

  4. 583767
    eshar : Sat 19th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    So THTRTD I'm not sure I can help you because I too am suffering from a similar drought. The two suggestions I can make are 1. listen to as many different styles of music as possible and 2. just experiment...throw stuff together and see what happens. I intend to do both and hope that this will help me. Good luck anyway. eshar

  5. 72432
    anchor : Sat 19th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    I usually just think too much and that's seems to push me to want to get out the thoughts (not that I'm intelligent, I just dwell on shit). My advice - don't force it but let it force you. Also you can try taking a perspective that's completely different from your own (musically or lyrically). It tends to give you different insight which can cure that boredom which strikes us all. Hope this helps, Bro.

  6. 83928
    thehandthatrocks : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    thanks for your thoughts. it's nice to know i am not the only one with this problem. i think maybe i am trying to hard...

  7. 439229
    mrE : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    a suggestion
    try another form of artistic expression that has absolutely nothing to do with music. i mainly paint and do graphics. when i find myself stuck i totally forget what im working on and try my hand at making music. i know my music sucks but it really helps me clear my mind and then i can go back and view my artwork from a fresh perspective. try to write or paint etc. youll find that all art is connected.peace.

  8. 103881
    Aberon : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    Well i think that to give creativity a new channel is good. Like erng says try painting. The way eshar goes is also nice. Sometimes i put a lot
    of loops together with no plan on it. Hear some and arrange them. Play with it. If you have still a good imagination, try to imagine a situation
    or a place of your dreams and try to imagine how it sounds. For me it helps to meditate in nature (only listen to the nature soundscape with no thoughts), or walking through rain.

  9. 82073
    MrRobot : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    what i do for inspiration?

    sometimes i play random Keys with my Keyboard

  10. 97575
    plaz : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    I just get high or drunk and the music flows !

  11. 34452
    Gsusfrk : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    I think you just have to do it you know? You jus find a sound you like... or not (and make it sound like you want) and then listne to different keys and go from there, theres a guy on youtube that jus makes a song within 5 minutes... just by hearing diffreent keys

  12. 79105
    Centrist : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    I watch movies when I get in a strut. They always help me relax, and I start to think about more things.

  13. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sun 20th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    Ahh...The old can of worms.I'f I knew the answer to this I'd be filthy.Well I guess where talking music here right?...First off it happens to everybody,(except maybe Beethoven)and all I can suggest is to step out of your comfort zone,try looking at different scales and time signatures if playing and if sampling go where you've never been.....On a more practical note get a white board,after all making music is hard work as we all know!If you can lay it out in large print that you can see when you walk into the room,things will immediately start rearranging themselves,it also gives you the ability to manipulate in the overview.........hope this helps...regards planet

  14. 31009
    djvex : Mon 21st Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    try just not working on any music for a while..that usually works for me. Or i go listen to hardcore D&B and techstep and get pumped!!

  15. 83928
    thehandthatrocks : Mon 21st Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    cheers. once again for your thoughts. i think i might ahave a couple of days off. start again next weekend. just i am hooked so it will be hard

  16. 55357
    ultrabase : Mon 21st Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    i liten to music!any kind.

  17. 109673
    shamus1 : Mon 21st Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    Get up and move away from the PC go out have a break and then return to the track, it's also important to know that a rested body and ears are good tools to use.

  18. 67443
    SLAPJOHNSON : Mon 21st Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    Pick up an instrument, pick an emotion and improvise and see what comes out!, cheers Slap....

  19. 89446
    GameboiX : Sat 26th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    My Inspiration Is Just Getting Through The Day And Sitting At The Desktop And Seeing What Comes Out Of My Head I Was In A Good Mood When I Made My Two Most Recent Songs... Most Of My Songs Are Done In A Couple Hours Or Sometimes Even In A Hour But Yeah Another Inspiration Is Listening To A Song Then Try To Make A Beat That Sounds Sorta Similar Then I Just Mess With It A Bit Then I Get What I End Up With.

  20. 68799
    bosonHavoc : Sat 26th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    i used to cut myself but i think i'm over emo.

    j/k lol

    improv is the big winner.
    but if i'm not feeling inspired i usually just go with it.. i'll tweak my pc, read forums, clean the house and then, DL mrrobots bass synth and bam lol.
    basically use i try to use my uninspired times to prep for the inspired times.

  21. 102765
    darkhorse : Sat 26th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    i just pop in my 28 days later and 28 weeks later soundtracks and throw in this cd my buddy made me before he died...Its a mix of all of his works...its filled with ambience and speeches its really eerie and creepy, but it makes you think... I also watch movies that have awesome soundtracks like i mentioned above...and do what slap said..pick an emotion and run with it.....another suggestion...Read, that helps me a lot.

    We all get ruts once in a while...just pray we have a large enough shovel to get us out.

  22. 111826
    Z3R0 : Sat 26th Jan 2008 : 11 years ago

    I punch the large oak tree in my backyard.

  23. 118150
    sammmm : Wed 12th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    I remember before i started to make music idea's would always be pouring out.then as soon as i got a few tracks down the idea's just stopped.

    i ussaly just go out and hang with freinds,or just go outside and sit on the deck and get lost in my mind.

    at time's ill turn on the radio and see what other artist are coming out with,but for me its hard to do that for i ussaly will try to put what i hear in my music..and alot of times ill have to redo tracks because i hear other peoples work in my tracks and i dont like that

  24. 103043
    bless : Wed 12th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago


  25. 122306
    Unknown User : Wed 12th Mar 2008 : 11 years ago

    I believe inspiration comes from anywhere it dosent even have to do with music but then when you get that feeling and it pops in your head....bam sweet music. But yeah to answer the question...um when I feel like i have no inspiration... seriously i jus play around with the music software like i jus hit different notes intill Im like bam sweet music heheh or i listen to other peoples music and it dosent matter what genre kuz like for example i was outside of my office when a truck drove by and he was listening to country music and mahn i heard this guitar and harmonica playing and it sounded so cool and me im into breakbeats i was like imma mimic that melody and put a breakbeat over it. now i know you reading this going "how the hell do you mimic it when u jus herd it and your at work and your not at home to be on the music software to do it" well you wannah know my secret =D you might think its silly but what i do is humm it to my cell phones voice recorder heheh. then when i get home i atemp to mimic it and if it dosent coem out the way i want it to but still sounds good then hey i jus made my own thing u know and bam sweet music.

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