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  1. 21513
    Deacon_ : Fri 20th Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    Pardon my ignorance, but how the heck do i get a sample to loop itself without having a gap in between each measure? Do i need some kind of software for this?

  2. 9780
    Unknown User : Sun 22nd Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    try slowing down the tempo until the gap is gone. or see the "Acid" post by Looperman.

  3. 23095
    Keith_sheet : Sat 28th Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    you can use Acid Pro 6.0 to crudely remove the space by editing the loop and making the edited version into a new track. Granted though it isn't the best way to do it in my opinion but...I don't know any other way.

  4. 13
    Unknown User : Fri 3rd Nov 2006 : 13 years ago

    Use an editor such as Sound Forge. Personally I use Vegas and Sound Forge for editing and not to toot my own horn but my loops are very precise.

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