Mic In To Fl Studio 7

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  1. 112730
    Sector7even : Mon 14th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    how and where do i record voice here? any trix?

  2. 67391
    syntaxerror1337 : Mon 14th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    well i would recommend adobe audition... thats what use to rec, be it a dj set or vocals.... u can save audio in any format with it i believe.. makes vocal sample importing a snap...

  3. 82073
  4. 112730
    Sector7even : Tue 15th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    thx guys for the help. couple questions, in adobe audition is there a cool voice config anyone uses?flange values with echo..etc? and any tips on importing longer samples into fl studio 7. i did it with my new track and if u go listen 2 it you can hear what happened. i did try to cut them up myself before importing and then tried to get them all into layered samples..some layered some not...any tips would be great.

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