Acid Pro, Making Loops

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  1. 19053
    jaycon : Sat 7th Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    how do i make loops in acid, ive tried too make a loops then render new track but i keep getting a pause at the end of each bar please help me im new too this!!!

  2. 21997
    IanMc : Fri 20th Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    is it a demo program? if so that is where the problem is!!

  3. 26677
    The_Dean : Mon 20th Nov 2006 : 13 years ago

    man you gotta render the track and then insert the loop you created and make it beatmapped and stretch it til it's what you created...try this and let me know if it worked...peace out..

  4. 27963
    LoopinMadScientist : Tue 28th Nov 2006 : 12 years ago

    what i usaually do is zoom WAY in and set the grid to about 32nd note triplets and use a drum kit there spacing the beats out.

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