What Are Some Good Programs?

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  1. 74493
    Elliot_Trejo : Sun 23rd Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    All I have is FL Studio 7, and I'm also on a tight budget, is there any programs out there that are cheap, yet worth it?

  2. 82073
    MrRobot : Sun 23rd Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    FL Studio 7 with suitable VST's is perfect music workstation
    you don't need more

  3. 108595
    Cavender : Sun 23rd Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    Search for some free VSTs on the net, there are some great directories and some great free VSTs around. Enough to make a good track.

  4. 74493
    Elliot_Trejo : Thu 27th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    haha well, what exactly are VST's? I'm still kind of new to this stuff haha :P

  5. 82073
    MrRobot : Thu 27th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems and also giving the plugins a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy manipulation.
    VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts.

    Thousands of plugins exist, making VST the most widespread audio plugin architecture.

  6. 74493
    Elliot_Trejo : Thu 27th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    haha awesome, thanks!

  7. 74493
    Elliot_Trejo : Thu 27th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    Do you know what are some good websites to visit to find free VST's?

  8. 82073
    MrRobot : Thu 27th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    @Elliot_Trejo: some good websites


    i have written one , Mr.Robots 6 OSC aka ACIDIZER
    if you want send me your E-Mail Address or wait for the Looperman Plugin-Section
    i hope Looperman dispose it for download

  9. 72432
    anchor : Fri 28th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    My advice would be that if you have a program (like FL7) and you're happy with it then stick to it. Ain't no reason to pay more than necessary. For more functionality, you'll probably need to invest a little more cash. A good intermediate program is Magix DeLuxe. Higher end stuff like Sonar (my personal fave) and pro tools can cost you some cash but they're definitely worth it. As for VSTs, just use your favorite search engine to search for "free VST" and you'll probably get some good results. Mr. Robot's plugin is great and I highly recommend it. You also might wanna try KVR audio (i forgot the url but you can google it). They have a ton of free shit. Also check the past forum posts. I remember Demolitionkid posting links to a ton of free VSTs. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  10. 100662
    Cheeze_man32 : Sat 29th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    ehem, i personally didn't use it but if you are one a tight budget ive heard there are some torrents out there for the nexus vst. i dont condone the use of these torrents in any way, and i think the sites should be banned. but if you do happen to need something urgent check them out. alternatively try mr robots vst damn that thing sounds good.

  11. 72432
    anchor : Sun 30th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    I think if you're gonna use torrents (I can't honestly say I'm free from guilt here, but...), you should use them just to take a test drive of programs that you're looking at purchasing. Those who have internet morality should just download the demos that are generally provided. To add to my last post, I highly recommend that you test as many progs as possible to find exactly what you're looking for. It sucks when you fork over the cash for a program like Acid only to find that you need more functionality. If your looking for the cheapest stuff, try googling "multitrack open source" or something of that nature. Good luck and I hope my posts help you out. Cheers.

  12. 100662
    Cheeze_man32 : Sun 30th Dec 2007 : 14 years ago

    yeah who am i kidding about not condoneing it.....
    Nah just joking, i agree with anchor.

  13. 34452
    Gsusfrk : Tue 1st Jan 2008 : 14 years ago

    I got ACID music studio and FL 5 XXL both do me well, but they BOTH are limited! Even though they are limited oyu can still get some good stuff out of them, ACID has an amzing chopping use, and FL 5 I use for automation. Plus all the VSt's come in handy :D I'm getting reason 4 soon, I'll get back to you on how it is! Other than that, combo's are great, they can really get you through a tough spot.

  14. 68799
    bosonHavoc : Sun 6th Jan 2008 : 14 years ago

    i have to say ableton live works realy good for my flow and i suggest a looking into that.

    it's not cheap but its well worth the price.

    (i dont have all the add ons and i prolly wont ever buy the extra's)
    except maybe operator.

    but of course if you current set up does everything you want to do spend your money on some hardware. (monitors, interface, controllers..ext....)

    a good pair of near field studio monitors should be a very high priority.

  15. 63133
    RogueAi : Sun 6th Jan 2008 : 14 years ago

    I think that Ableton Live was the worst program I have ever used. FL studio isn't that much better. I only ever used it for loops. I installed Live and the samples that came with it didn't even install. I got the copy bundled with a midi keyboard that I got. I have Reason 4 and I say that it might be a little cheaper than Live but it is a lot better. Oh, and I think that Reason 4 is the best software you can buy!

  16. 173833
    camilleri : Wed 24th Sep 2008 : 13 years ago

    whats wrong with operator even tho i never use

  17. 129499
    Avail : Wed 24th Sep 2008 : 13 years ago

    FL is already good with it's build-in FX even an Osc can get out the best sounds but if you want to enchant it you must have a look at mrrobot's links! I downloaded like 8-9 that very moment :D
    If you will to pay the best in the market are nexus/vanguard/z3ta imo

  18. 135539
    Birdy : Wed 24th Sep 2008 : 13 years ago

    just get them all for free like i do :D torrent sites are your friend.

  19. 39029
    rei4real : Wed 24th Sep 2008 : 13 years ago

    this thread is 8 months old, so answers are a bit late ..

    and to make it clear:
    Looperman does not support cracked software, so before someone has the idea to post links to warez or torrents or something similar I lock this thread ...

    peace, rei

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