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    Looperman : Tue 5th Sep 2006 : 15 years ago

    So.... Whats anyone listening to at the moment ? old or new its always good to get some inspriration from others.

    If your a dj what are your big tunes that you wouldnt leave home without ??

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    sharpshotoo7 : Thu 5th Oct 2006 : 15 years ago

    hi im new but i like young-mc,run-dmc,styx,weird-al,and alot more. but about anything with a good beat that lets you feel the vibe. oh ya forgot blueman group they rock my world

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    LoopinMadScientist : Thu 30th Nov 2006 : 15 years ago

    right now im listening to the album Toonami - Deep Space Bass. back when Toonami on Cartoon Network had a slammin' soundtrack filled with breakbeat and atmosphere. Joe Boyd Vigil is the artist for this one, and for those of you who havn't heard of him, he's done a TON of motion picture and tv series soundtracks and has teamed up with Adam Freeland before (if you havn't heard of Adam Freeland, im sorry). pick this one up for cheap on e-bay or something to hold you over cause hes got another album comin' out pretty soon called Deeper Space http://www.joeboydvigil.com/

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    Mike_C : Sun 3rd Dec 2006 : 15 years ago

    Infected Mushroom and Benny B. Gods.

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    LoopinMadScientist : Sun 3rd Dec 2006 : 15 years ago

    Junkie XL - Def Beat

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    Alu : Tue 12th Dec 2006 : 15 years ago

    At the moment, my playlist of all sorts of stuff (between loop samples). From Incubus to Godhead to Sneaker Pimps to Tool to Mouse On Mars, Autechre, Apehx Twins, A Perfect Circle, Poe. . . the list goes on.

  7. 31093
    Sirus_Uno : Wed 20th Dec 2006 : 15 years ago

    Q-Tip- Ampliphied
    Mugz Vs Gza- Grandmasters
    Mugz Vs Midas(From Orlando Group Blackout)- Grandmasters(The OFFICIAL Mixtape)

    Nothin But Undaground Hip-Hop Plays In The Stereo. Ampliphied Is Ok... Nothin Like His Old Stuff But Its Eclectic. Mugz Vz Gza Is Great! I Love The Way Mugz Chops His Loops, His Production Is Perfectly Paired Wit The Gza's Lyrics... Pure Genius! And The Mugz Vs Midas Is Good As Well. He Does The Grandmasters Beats Justice.

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    demolitionkid : Thu 11th Jan 2007 : 15 years ago

    hey looper if ya like drum and bass chck out my bros on myspace.com. www.myspace.com/jo-aye after you view his profile go to nightmare records on his friends list!!!!THAT SHIT IS FUKKIN INSANE!!!!!yeah hes really on his shit man.im gonna post some new stuff here shortly as well as upload some loops for my homies on looperman!!!peace krizb

  9. 33731
    Kmk0702 : Thu 11th Jan 2007 : 15 years ago

    Plump djs, Broke records, Fingerlicken records. My stuff

  10. 35648
    Dastrn : Sun 14th Jan 2007 : 15 years ago

    Thom Yorke
    Ben Folds
    Ben Harper
    Chris Tomlin

  11. 35393
    Daggnutz : Mon 15th Jan 2007 : 15 years ago

    Alot of different stuff mostly local bands from my area, plus some Shadows Fall, atreyu, Lamb of God, plus some ICP

  12. 37415
    tnt : Fri 26th Jan 2007 : 15 years ago

    well i like anything thats capable of sending my blood into overdrive, sumthin that would make u feel like u are about to blow your head off, you know, cruck hiphop and all sh** coz i also play the need 4 speed undergroud series. SOOOOO !!! Give me T.I, lil jon, young buck any time you hearrrr !!!. From TNT

  13. 45147
    Diddly : Tue 27th Feb 2007 : 15 years ago

    Right now, im jamming out with tobymac. Has anyone heard the song canon? it sounds really cool when played fast on a electric guitar or violin.

  14. 16329
    Miseria_ : Sat 3rd Mar 2007 : 15 years ago

    i listen to these bands:
    Children Of Bodom
    Angels and Airwaves
    The Killers
    Coheed and Cambria
    Linkin Park
    Avenged Sevonfold
    The Offspring
    My Chemical Romance
    Destructive Neurosis
    It Dies Today
    Bowling For Soup
    Tenacious D
    Breaking Benjamin
    The Cure
    Downtown Singapore
    Nine Black Alps
    The Panic Channel
    A Day In The Life
    The Fray
    plus a lot more but i dont feel like typing anymore XP

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    Unknown User : Fri 23rd Mar 2007 : 15 years ago

    John William's Superman OST - Disc 1 Track 9: The Fortress of Solitude, of the extended Rhino release

  16. 9780
    Unknown User : Fri 23rd Mar 2007 : 15 years ago

    Willie Nelson's reggae album and Dread Zeppelin

  17. 25227
    InsaneSmilie : Fri 23rd Mar 2007 : 15 years ago

    Right now my playlist consists of an odd combination of progressive metal and under ground techno,
    Dream Theater (prog metal)
    DJ Shadow (ambiant electronic)
    DJ Mystik (Trance)
    Dragon Force (metal)
    Prodject Skyward (ambiant)
    Blind Gurdian (prog metal)
    DJ Tiesto (trance)

    to name a few.

  18. 52497
    trancefer : Tue 10th Apr 2007 : 15 years ago

    trancefer ;)

  19. 54911
    Jpipes24 : Tue 10th Apr 2007 : 15 years ago

    Benny bennassi, four strings, groove coverage, inhale exhale, bush, smashing pumkins, a little bit of my own stuff as well...

  20. 98040
    Unknown User : Sat 21st Apr 2007 : 15 years ago

    Antony and the Johnsons - "Free AT Last" - I Am A Bird Now.

  21. 56923
    liquidhalo : Mon 23rd Apr 2007 : 15 years ago

    gonna have to say Depeche Mode

  22. 46908
    kabotage : Tue 24th Apr 2007 : 15 years ago


  23. 53047
    SZoundscape : Sat 5th May 2007 : 15 years ago

    Sonic Ether on AcidPlanet.com
    Memory of the Halocaust is a very complex song full of emotion. The freestyle piano there is one of the best pieces I've ever heard.

  24. 18442
    Stracman : Sun 6th May 2007 : 15 years ago

    Dir en grey - Lie Buried with a Vengeance

  25. 98040
    Unknown User : Sun 6th May 2007 : 15 years ago

    Velvet Underground - "Sweet Jane, Live" Classic Velvet Underground.
    Released September 2000, original recorded 1966-1984.
    Lou Reed, Nico, Jon Cale, Sterling Morrison, Doug Yule and Mo Tucker.

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