How To Create A Custom Reason Redrum Kit?

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    jabcreations : Mon 3rd Dec 2007 : 12 years ago

    I am looking to create my own custom Redrum kit. Another key issue is how do I extract instruments from existing drum kits and put them in to my own? I don't want to have to have twelve different devices for twelve different drums and percussion instruments. I'm sure it might be easier in another program though I'm trying to learn Reason right now. BTW I have Reason 3 and I won't have Reason 4 for a while. Thanks in advance for helpful replies.

  2. 104437
    jabcreations : Mon 3rd Dec 2007 : 12 years ago

    I figured it most of out I think...I usually do *after* I post a question. ;-)

    So I've opened up a new file for Reason and created a Redrum kit. I figured out to use the sequencer and mix multiple instruments. I have to click the select button at the bottom of the instrument and then it will change the sequence pattern to the one for the instrument. I was stuck on the number and letter buttons (1~8 and A~D) which I'm guessing are for different sequence of patterns later on (someone confirm this please?)

    I can further customize my Redrum kit but browsing per instrument and it will let me choose the AIF source file for instruments.

    I presume File --> Export Redrum Patch is how I can save my custom Redrum kits?

    Did I get this all straightened out? Any corrections on what I'm thinking or recommendations?

    - John

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    jabcreations : Mon 3rd Dec 2007 : 12 years ago

    A note for those who might find my thread more of an answer then a question... I noticed some of the instruments (drums) were not playing at all. After messing with some stuff I noticed that the *start* knob was set to the sets the instrument to mute to a certain amount of time and then allows it's volume back to normal. Setting this to 0 will allow it to play normally.

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    shamus1 : Wed 9th Jan 2008 : 12 years ago

    Thanks mate

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