Just Got My First Looper

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    moonie : Tue 22nd Aug 2006 : 13 years ago

    Just got my first looper, a JamMan, and was sad to find that I couldn't lay down a 2nd, or 3rd loop [not layer but free-standing loop] without first stopping playback, then tapping some buttons with my fingers.

    The buttons I could accept, if only I didn't have to stop the music. I want to start a loop for a song's "verse" section, then go instantly to laying down a second loop for the "chorus" section, without stopping the music.

    I hear it's possible to do all this while recording into Ableton Live. Do you find it's possible to make new loops, and switch between them, hands-free? If not with Ableton Live and some pedal controller to trigger Ableton? To make uninterrupted, loop-based music with more than one loop?

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    moonie : Tue 22nd Aug 2006 : 13 years ago

    Sorry for that big, crowded block of text. This forum removed all the line breaks at the ends of my paragraphs [naughty!]

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    Looperman : Wed 23rd Aug 2006 : 13 years ago

    Hi Moonie,

    Im not sure about your problem with Ableton Live but I can say that the line breaks in your post have been fixed :-)

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    Zombie_Mountain : Fri 25th Aug 2006 : 13 years ago

    If I understand the questions correctly, yes this can be done in Live. You can load up your loops or create some from scratch within Live, press the record button and then trigger loops to create a song. For examples, you could have a bass line and beat playing together for a verse in the song then after a few counts or so trigger another bass line and beat for a chorus section and so on. Live will record you loops and changes in the session view. You can trigger the loops with your mouse, keyboard or midi controller. Live can also quantize the changes for you based on the global quantization settings of the song. This is a great feature, as it will make sure everything stays in time with one another. I use Live to create just about all of my music and I must say it is probably the best software I have ever worked with. It works great with the Trigger Finger as well.

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