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    EVRiM : Sat 10th Nov 2007 : 14 years ago

    I wanted to post that I've used some of y'alls loops to create some new songs. (One Thousand Times, Stable and About Face Tomorrow) I have demo versions up at www.myspace.com/evrimzmusika. Listen in and tell me if I used one of yours. Off the top of my head I know I used a some from Rei, the Mexican, MattBoulley and many more of you. I really tried to spread myself around. Heheh. No pun intended. :D

    I do have atleast one more song I'm working on which I used looperman loops so stay posted.

    Once I'm through this busy spell, I'll make sure to post a full thanx to everyone who's loops I used. Really thanx in advance. Make more! Lemmee know. If they get in where they fit in, I'll use 'em.


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