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  1. 97952
    jocsts9 : Sat 3rd Nov 2007 : 12 years ago

    Im really getting into electronical music and have been for a little wile now. Ive messed around with making beats on a very simple program hammerhead and laying them down live from my laptop onto my boss looper. This has been lots of fun. I no there has to be an eaisier way to mix your own stuff live. What programs do I need to look into? And any advice anyone can give a novice would be greatly appriciated.


  2. 71878
    Psychotropic_Circle : Sat 3rd Nov 2007 : 12 years ago

    check out ableton live maybe you´ll find a demo version on this site under essential tools.....left down on this site

  3. 47094
    The_Acidizer : Sat 3rd Nov 2007 : 12 years ago

    try sony acid, it works very good, the free version you can try is Acid Xpress, i have the middle version, Music Sudio, and the top version is Pro

  4. 97952
    jocsts9 : Sat 3rd Nov 2007 : 12 years ago

    so with these programs Ill be able to do things in real time rather than just depending on samples and previously recorded tracks. I still plan on using some recorded tracks but I realy dig on live mixing. Thanx for the advice I will look into the suggested programs

    Peace Love and Jerry Garcia

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