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    iDude : Fri 2nd Nov 2007 : 13 years ago

    Hey Gang, I'm looperman newbie here. I've recently dumped a variety of different sounding tracks. I'm looking for feedback on how to make these tracks better, in terms of Mix, song structure and Hell even help with figuring out the correct Genre of music they fall under. Some things are very rough and other things not so rough.

    I know some people feel rather awkward about dishing out negative remarks, however if it's constructive I'm open to hearing it. I'm really new to Digital recording and mixing. It's also a new experience for me to be working at singing and laying down vocal tracks as I have. So if you hear something on the vocals that could be improved up I would appreciate the feedback as well.

    I figured this would be a great place to get feedback, from other musicians and mix people. So, If you hear something from me you think SUCKS, go ahead and send me a private message even and let me know why you feel/think or know it sucks. Just give me your honest opinion, thought, idea or suggestion on the matter.

    I've been trying to provide details regarding some of the tihngs I used in the production of the song, in terms of software and/or loops. A little tid bit of information. I had read a post by somebody complaining that we were not posting very much about the loops used or what went into the tracks.

    Any feedback from you guys would be appreciated. Thanks

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