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  1. 192571
    kidviscous : Thu 4th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    Does ne 1 no how to change the BPM of each individual pattern within a song made on FLstudio Without having to live record???

  2. 107696
    Holly : Thu 4th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    Yes you can!

    Right click on the tempo selection itself. Then click Create Automation Clip, then click your mouse into the window beneath the patterns. (that window for audio files) And you will see a little red box appear that you can stretch to fit the length of your pattern.

    Then you can manipulate how fast or slow you want the tempo with that, be careful though you might want to zoom in a lot because even if you go up a tiny amount it can skyrocket beyond what you had expected it to be set at... Just take your time with it.

    Peace :)

  3. 181980
    miots : Fri 5th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    oh i didn't know this...thanks holy...
    do you know if you can do something similar with the time signature? like, in case you wanna switch from one time signature to another...

  4. 165165
    Falter : Fri 5th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    automation clips are the key to fruity loops. use them often and use em well. you can automate just about everything, makes for a much more dynamic track.

    play with them, use them for random stuff. worth getting used to!

  5. 170043
    Acrylic : Sat 6th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    I wish you could, but fruity loops is built for strait time signatures... best way is to work with one pattern per synth and copy paste what you want... Alternatively however, if you can find a program like finale, write your music there and import the midi file into FL, (my friend does prog metal and uses a drum plugin from FL studio and he time changes every bar practically.)

  6. 170043
    Acrylic : Sat 6th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    I just Wish FL Studio Would Calibrate Thier automation so you dont end up with stupid million decimal tempos when you try this. grrr..

  7. 182966
    DazeMachine : Mon 8th Dec 2008 : 11 years ago

    I use the automations for TONS of stuff on FL... But I never knew that you could do this. Simply great, and I've been trying my hand at it. Definetly takes some getting used to. Very difficult for my pea sized bohemian brain to wrap around.

  8. 219480
    CelloCubano : Mon 9th Feb 2009 : 11 years ago

    I am now informed... ive tried this forever.... wow... thanks!

  9. 214734
    Verge : Thu 12th Feb 2009 : 11 years ago

    With FL, when you open up the Step Sequencer there is a small box in the top left corner of its window. It should look similar to;


    Click and drag upwards. Voila! Time signatures. (Assuming I got it right, my musical lingo is fairly uninformed.)

  10. 390719
    edubz206 : Sat 24th Apr 2010 : 9 years ago

    holly plz help me i jus made an account for this site jus so i could ask you this real quick what window are you talking about after i clicked new automation clip i cant find it its driving me crazy

  11. 379853
    Alen9R : Sat 24th Apr 2010 : 9 years ago

    window beneath the patterns or in FL9 is above(up) (that window for audio files)

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