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    kevin234 : Thu 3rd Aug 2006 : 13 years ago

    Dear everyone, i have only been trying to make music using loops and the like for a fews days. I am wondering how i take a loop that lasts a few seconds and make it into an entire song. How would i keep the background loops repeating while keeping the foreground sounds on their own?

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    Looperman : Sat 19th Aug 2006 : 13 years ago

    Grab yourself a demo copy of acid to get things moving.

  3. 21513
    Deacon_ : Fri 20th Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    Is acid a software program?

  4. 1
    Looperman : Tue 24th Oct 2006 : 13 years ago

    Sure is, here you go

  5. 30137
    Alu : Tue 12th Dec 2006 : 12 years ago

    I've found the demo of ACID to be a great program. It's pretty straight-foreward and also offers how-tos.

  6. 31093
    Sirus_Uno : Wed 20th Dec 2006 : 12 years ago

    It Depends On What Youre Using... Hardware/Software? It Also Depends On The Loop... How Many Bars Did You Capture?

  7. 28612
    John_Brittain : Sun 21st Jan 2007 : 12 years ago

    i was given a copy of acid 4.0(might have been 5.0) and i was just getting into setting up my own loops/samples and it was super easy to get into how i liked setting up and making songs. if you've got a mac just get garageband if you want, that might help too.

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