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  1. 9432
    Tom_Cunningham : Wed 19th Jul 2006 : 14 years ago

    Hi. I'm new to looperman, and i was wondering which software sum of you guys use to make these loops.

  2. 11268
    Zombie_Mountain : Fri 25th Aug 2006 : 14 years ago

    I have a Mac and these are some of my faves:

    Ableton Live

    I use each of these for different reasons. Ableton Live is what I use to bring everything together but I also use it to create some beats, bass lines, synths etc. I use iDrum for making a lot of my beats it is great because I can use it as a stand-alone app or as an AU plugin in Live. I use ReCycle for sampling up other artists songs. I use Reason for all sorts of synths, beats, bass, etc. I also use Garageband mainly for recording guitars, throwing together quick loops, etc.

  3. 11647
    Nosferatu : Fri 25th Aug 2006 : 14 years ago

    i' am olso new:)i was olso wondering which software you use.

  4. 14324
    JIMIGE : Sun 27th Aug 2006 : 14 years ago

    Cubase sx or ableton live for software.
    Akai mpc hardware, also good for sequencing and looping live

  5. 11647
    Nosferatu : Mon 28th Aug 2006 : 14 years ago

    thats for windows?

  6. 31093
    Sirus_Uno : Wed 20th Dec 2006 : 14 years ago

    You Could Use Them For Windows.

  7. 20940
    Applesin : Mon 25th Dec 2006 : 14 years ago

    i use Sytrus(FL studio) for creatin the sound, but u can make things simpier by cuttin ur loops(takin it from some other music file -only wat u need>=0)) in Soundforge or CakeWalk

  8. 61300
    speedyron : Sun 24th Jun 2007 : 13 years ago

    Just click on any picture beside our posts and it will bring you to our profile and show you what hardware and software we use

  9. 72432
    anchor : Wed 4th Jul 2007 : 13 years ago

    I'm new here too but I have yet to see somebody using Cakewalk's Sonar. I use it almost exclusively for creating loops, midi authoring, recording, pretty much everything. The producer edition comes w/ cyclone, which is a bad ass sampler that's great for recording loops. Its worth the price cuz you never need another recording software!

  10. 61300
    speedyron : Thu 5th Jul 2007 : 13 years ago

    I use sonar. As I said, look at our profiles. If you click on the picture next to our posts it will take you there. People should fill the profiles in so that others may see what we use and get some ideas.

  11. 72432
    anchor : Thu 5th Jul 2007 : 13 years ago

    My bad man. I haven't had a chance to go through all the profiles yet. I just wanted to spread the word that sonar is good for stuff like this too. I agree on how people should fill in the profiles. It's hard to find music to review when you go through 50 profiles and not one of em has anything but a name. I have dial up so it takes forever.

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