How To Make Quality Loops

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    Looperman : Fri 17th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    This question goes out to all those that make loops and upload them here.

    Im sure there are many who would like to contribute but are not sure how to make a good loop.

    I see lots of people use fruity loops but from what I can tell its usually the cause of loops that dont loop well when used in acid, cubase etc.

    In my opinion a good loop would fulfil the majority of the following points

    - is a maximum of 4 bars if they repeat.
    - has a good round figure for a tempo
    - is not too loud or too quiet
    - has no gap at the start or the end (unless its supposed to)
    - loops seamlessly in any program its used in
    - is of maximum usefulness. eg dont mix your bass with your drums or your keys with your guitar.
    - does not contain anything that could cause any copyright issues
    - has no background noise , pops or clicks
    - has a name that describes it well

    Now, im sure there are plenty of ways to go about it so lets use this thread as somewhere that those that do help teach those that would like to.

    Please keep it on topic so that we end up with a helpful guide as to how to make good loops

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    Falter : Fri 17th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    thanks alot loopmasta!!
    This answered all of my questions!
    I'll try n write up a step by step i take with FL when i give it a go. could be helpful. also ill link some loops to the post so u can see how it ends up =]

    Take care,

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    Unknown User : Fri 17th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    Thanks Shan for this info.
    One Question -
    Can I make Loops for Looperman using ready made loops of Fruity Loops 8? I mean that can I make my Loops by chopping loops of FL8, Rearranging it and adding some more original layers?
    Will that cause any copyright issues?

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    Looperman : Fri 17th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    @DeepMan - you would need to read the terms and conditions from fruity loops there or maybe contact them direct.

    Its best not to reuse someone else's loop to make a loop though as essentially you did not make it, just rearranged it.

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    Avail : Fri 17th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    These samples infringe no copyright and you can do EVERYTHING with em..i read it in FL's official site..Well i think using them isn't a problem since they are like basic kits for drum machines..

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    Unknown User : Fri 17th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    @Shan & XxYounG Thanks a lot for your replies.

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    Unknown User : Sat 18th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    the loops i usually make have the guitar and drums together so what I do is play my guitar along with the drums I want to use and keep playing the same guitar riff over and over again with the drums. I then take this recording and open it up with my multi-track recording and editing software and I open the "edit wave" feature and now I can start editing the recording I have made. It takes me a little bit of time until I finally decide which part of the wave I want to use for a loop and when I do find it; I highlight that section and press the play loop button to make sure it has that 4/4 measure.
    then I select the coppy to new button and there I have my finished loop. whats cool about the program Cooleditpro2 is, is that I can take the selected wave that i copied and throw into the multi-track and all I do is right click on the wave file and select loop and it has the option to select "no gaps" this is how I make my loops and make sure there are no gaps.

    hope this will help some.

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    spacestationwagon : Fri 24th Oct 2008 : 13 years ago

    great thread! very helpful. thanx shan! you rock!

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    unlicensed_evil : Mon 3rd Nov 2008 : 13 years ago

    Very important for making seamless loops: Loop them twice. First, render the loop with dead space at the end for your samples and reverb on synths to fade out. Then, re-import and split the track at the point where the loop ends, copy it to the beginning, and you have a loop that doesn't feel like it's restarting every time.

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    Unknown User : Mon 3rd Nov 2008 : 13 years ago

    my DAW has a loop frame as well so when clicked on you can preview the loop exactly and it will render exactly whats in the loopframe, try your daw if you are havin probs it just might be there

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    lelandchapman : Tue 18th Nov 2008 : 13 years ago

    good too know. thanx looperman!

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    hustlelegit : Mon 24th Nov 2008 : 13 years ago

    its damn easy to bounce loops out of Pro Tools....

    damn easy

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    Unknown User : Tue 25th Nov 2008 : 13 years ago

    MY question is can FL loops be used in reason or is there some kind of converter i use reason but it seems like only the rex files seem to work in it are there any other options

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    mackslim : Thu 4th Dec 2008 : 13 years ago

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    rei4real : Thu 4th Dec 2008 : 13 years ago

    @ mackslim:
    I have no idea what your post is about, are you sure you posted in the right thread???

    peace, rei

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    SpAzz : Fri 5th Dec 2008 : 13 years ago

    Awesome, thnx brother.


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    Predragg : Sun 14th Dec 2008 : 13 years ago

    that was helpful!

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    clamshoe : Sun 18th Jan 2009 : 13 years ago

    Great tips & thread idea. Any more specifics as far as Acid will be great. I'm sure i'll figure it out anyway but if there's a way to cut corners I'd like to try some. thanks

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    DuBzReCoRdInGsTuDiO : Fri 23rd Jan 2009 : 13 years ago

    to 'Truth', you can just load the samples into the nn19 sampler

  20. 141108
    Bosco : Sun 25th Jan 2009 : 13 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your support!

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    Coprcougar : Mon 26th Jan 2009 : 13 years ago

    Just so all you guys know, I have NO IDEA how to make a loop! But i greatly appreciate all you guys that do, because without you i couldn't make any of my tracks! So much love to all you guys!!
    AKA Coprcougar

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    clamshoe : Thu 29th Jan 2009 : 13 years ago

    Acid users? So can someone provide a link , or offer a few bullet points on how to create a loop in ACID? I do them all the time on a sampler but my copy of manual is not much help for Acidized loops. Assuming that format works here. I'm new at this so be gentle with me. :~)

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    DustHill : Thu 29th Jan 2009 : 13 years ago

    Gotta love them Loops I always distribuete quite a lot of and they seem not too bad so if anyone got questions about creating quality loops feel free to hit me up if you have a question!

    This is the Way I create my Loops mostly:

    1. Set the Loop to max 8 Bars because otherwise it mostly exceeds the Looperman Filesize Limit.

    2. Be sure you don't have any "Clicks" or "Crashps" in your Loop while playin it should Loop seemless.

    3. I always split everything Up into each individual Loop like I have a Violin, Piano and Bass I don't make one "Groove Loop" I export each Sequence unique so I got finally 3 Loops (1 Violin, 1 Piano and 1 Bass). If you want to harmony them all together you can still mention it in the description.

    4. For One Loop you need 1 WAV and 1 MP3 File so I exportet my Violin Loop for examp. out of Reason as: 120_Violin_Chords01.WAV. The 120 are the BPM which I include straight in the Filename so I always know which Loop is what BPM (this is one of the most important for the downloaders).

    5. I use a little freeware Audio Converter to convert all my WAV Files to MP3 so I have everything I need and be ready to upload on looperman.

    just the way I do it maybe it gives someone a hint or sumthin. cheerz dusthill

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    Emissi0n : Thu 12th Mar 2009 : 13 years ago

    i got two waiting to be validated i wanna see if someone can usem for good things...!!! thannks for ths site hope to get alot of feedback and meet some more dnb heads the only person i know into dnb myself to shoot me some friendly ears my way people! bigups everybody and every sound...keepem comin

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    DuBzReCoRdInGsTuDiO : Sun 12th Apr 2009 : 13 years ago

    @truth....firstly, i know u posted bak in '08 but, it may be hlpfull to others.. yes u can use .wav samples in the nn19 & nn xt samplers, u load them from the "load sample" button (obvious) and not the Load Patch button.,..

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