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  1. 79105
    Centrist : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    Bah. Any of you get that feeling where your songs just don't sound right anymore? Like they don't fit together, or a piece of the puzzle missing? BAH! I need to find more loops of what Anchor and Sadpickle uploaded. x3

    ...And I need a haircut.

  2. 583767
    eshar : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    Hey chimpguy,
    have you checked out rei's loops..they're pretty cool.
    perhaps we can all club together to pay for your haircut...mohican?

  3. 79105
    Centrist : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    I've listened to most of his. They are definately metal, but they aren't the grungy metal goodness that I so very much like.

    Baha. Yeah, or I could just shave it all off. :/

  4. 72432
    anchor : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    What are you needing, bro? I'm always up for working with somebody on a project. Just let me know the kind stuff you're looking for and I'll start working on it. I had to pawn my bass so I could eat though so as of right now I can't make bass loops unless they're synth style. :( Just post what you need here or contact me on my profile or go to my website and we'll chat in the chatroom about what you're looking for.

  5. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    Yeah mate, I get that at times. Before it was crazy how long it would take me to make a song because of that. I'd piece together a really solid intro or minute plus and then be stuck because I didn't know where I wanted to go with one part or all. Now it happens less, but in relation to loop/sample/font library or content becoming somewhat stale I've had it a few times with a few of the progs that I've used alot.

    Kinda, sorta how I ended up on here. Back in late April or early May when I began my quest to find online media sample library sources. Looks like you'll be good with finding/getting what yer lookin for b/c of the above.

    As for the hair thing, I just got my trimmed with a slight fade and highlighted. Pix to come soon, yay!

  6. 72432
    anchor : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    It's really a downer when using loops to create your music and you can't find samples that are from the same source. It stifles the creativity! That's why I always make my own. And when I post a drum sample, it's always from the same (1 of 2) kits and recording sessions. I don't see why people make their loops so they don't work together. It's a waste. I can't tell you how many of those stupid loop cds people are always trying to sell that are full of this kind of shit. It's impossible to create something from this. I used to use Acid 2 and 4 but I stopped using this type of software because of the way people make the loops. Hell, the Acid loop cds are one of the types I was speaking of before. If you're gonna use loops, there's one respectable company I know of and that is Betamonkey. I use this stuff to create my drum sounds in cyclone. I have yet to find one for guitars or bass.

  7. 79105
    Centrist : Sat 18th Aug 2007 : 12 years ago

    I was thinking of one of those packs from Microsoft. Or some other big company name like that. Packs of like 200 metal loops.. I'm sure that there has to be one or two in there that match up a little :p

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