Drum And Bass/Jungle Drum Step By Step Production

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    Gsusfrk : Sun 22nd Jul 2007 : 10 years ago Could anyone give me a step by step walk-through no how to make good drum and bass drum loops. I'm not looking for loops that just have the snare and bass kick but the hi-hats and also cymals as well,
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    Psychotropic_Circle : Tue 24th Jul 2007 : 10 years ago pump up the the tempo to 180-240 , then use every 16th to create your drums,bass,sounds and all you have
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    Gsusfrk : Tue 24th Jul 2007 : 10 years ago well do i do each one seperate or do i combine them and layer them?
  4. 71878
    Psychotropic_Circle : Wed 25th Jul 2007 : 10 years ago don´t combine it´s better to seperate each for plug-ins and mixing....save in different programs and midi as well
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    Gsusfrk : Thu 26th Jul 2007 : 10 years ago well i am trying to make a loop that has the ride symbol in it but it just doesn't sound right... Maybe it's me :( lol maybe not but hey hoefully I get them to work because without cymbols in a DnB drum looop just doesn't make it a Drum N Bass song :S
    Anyways, thanks,
    Reply If you've got anything else
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    djvex : Thu 26th Jul 2007 : 10 years ago i like making trip-hop/d&b loops for drums beats. I think it just adds that extra trippyness(made up word) to d&b. Then going back and slicing then and arranging them throughout the entire track. As for if its good or not. Use ure judgement. What may sound awesome to u may sound horrible to someone else. Go with ure gut instinct and never look back....well unless ure going 2 remix into another song.
  7. 76716
    dendist : Thu 26th Jul 2007 : 10 years ago High MEN... Need - really need bassSamples // Just couple or more)) where I can choose and download here in this site or else? Help /// ThankSS
    P.S. Jungle samples/// long and hard)) :( Like we love
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