Problems Rendering In Acid Pro 6

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    LukeSmith : Tue 17th Jul 2007 : 13 years ago

    Ive just started using Acid instead of cubase, When i render a song it always comes out sounding terrible, not just poor quality but distorted and mixed up. Ive tried it in all formats and settings. anything im missing here?

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    Howard : Wed 18th Jul 2007 : 13 years ago

    What format would you prefer to render your projest down to?
    What version of Acid are you using?
    When you say mixed up do you mean the different tracks are not synced up properly or the audio is just garbled?

    Do you choose to render the looped portion?

    I'd like to help but need a little more info.


  3. 71921
    LukeSmith : Wed 18th Jul 2007 : 13 years ago

    Hey no sorry it was a simple mistake. Dont have itunes running when your rendering a song.
    Thanks for the help anyway

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