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    Gsusfrk : Tue 29th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was thinking...actually I was reading the bass compression tutorial on here and it says... "and also i got complaints from soundsystems that played my tunes that the bass was too muddy..." i was much bass is too much bass.... For example my newest tune that'll be coming through here soon has some really good bass in it (plus i've been known for my heavy bass...) but I have a hard time figuring out whats a good level of bass. I listen to other tunes and they've got it nice, actually seems like they've got it louder and "punchier" then my track. Although my track just sounds weak when i compare them together. Almost as if somethings missing, I hate that feeling!
    Could someone give me some advice as to how much bass I should level it out to... or at least in general how much is too much. Or should the beats, synths/instruments and FX be higher than the bass so the low frequency still comes through...?
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    djvex : Tue 26th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    i think alot of it has to with what type of track the song is. Not all d&b have dirty ass kranking bass.What you have to take in mind is. Is this a rolling, stepper,liquid, etc. track? Certain vibes require more bass just because the bass defines that tune better..

    hmmm how much bass is too much u say...well ever tried soloing ur subbass after kranking it up to here that muddy roll-off?... u can fix it pretty easy. Depending on what freq u are using. The way i usually get my subbass to sit phat is i eq out all freq above and below 48hz. HARD Compress, my drums are usually compressed at
    4.0 ratio,-20.0 threshold , 2.0 gain. 200ms release, 2.5 attack so knowing that i want the subbass to be right behind the drums..after all this is drum & bass music :). So try about 6.0 ratio, -25.0 threshold, 3.0 gain, 300ms release, 5.0 attack. You always want to eq only the freq's you need for each instrument or track. Because any little extra low freq from other instruments/track will take away from the subbass.Also you dont want your kick to subby because it also can take away from the subbass.

    Here's a shorter explaination make ur drums sit the most in the track. Then compress everything else behind the drums. For leads u can change the ratio to be a bit in front of the drums.

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    djvex : Tue 26th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    oh yeah and 1 more thing make sure the subbass is passed through a subbass filter for that extra warm feel.

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