Anyone Looking To Start A Band Or Need Someone To Join Theirs

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    sickxday : Fri 2nd Jun 2023 : 3 months ago

    Ive been on this forum for some years and I really enjoy the comradery it displays I used to love this site years ago when i started producing music. Anyways, I'm an artist now, I mostly sing but rap every blue moon or so

    Basically I'm gonna start releasing my own music soon with my production. I really wanna branch out and collaborate more instead of always using my own production. SO BAND RIGHT!?

    I'm looking to change my sound altogether. I really wanna work with a band and do some original stuff. I can write songs, sing obviously and I play guitar semi-decently...campfire dad chord strum level

    I love the indie sound that's booming right now. I love dominic fike and his story with starting in a band after quitting rap. I also like the pop-punk revamp the moment.
    If you need a singer or also personally wanna start a band don't hesitate to reach out

    - IG IS 1_RUIN -


Posts (1)

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