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  1. 2899804
    rowanyeye : Mon 23rd Jan 2023 : 3 days ago

    hi. made a lot of music over the years, about 5 now. i am a vocalist, producer, recording engineer, and mastering engineer. In short, i do it all myself.
    however i am looking to start an artistic collective with talented producers, engineers, and vocalists. I have no plans to release music of my own publicly, unless i worked on an album with everyone.
    dm me @rhmadeit6 on ig if interested.

    -graphic designers
    -fx artists
    -models (for photoshoots of course, and covers)
    -video editors
    -beat sharing
    -verses sent in and out
    -tracks reviewed
    -producers, send beats. not any drill or pop shxt tho.

    -promotion from collective.
    -tag for collective, exclusive drum sounds, etc.
    -$$$ from distrokid releases!
    - to collab and work together as artists for the sake of making better music than everyone else.

    cheers, rh

  2. 2721830
    mediansky : Wed 25th Jan 2023 : 1 day ago

    I do graphic design and am interested. How much of the check do I get a cut of?

  3. 4248445
    MiltownIC : Thu 26th Jan 2023 : 22 hours ago

    My ig is miltowni.c , just released a song today. Lmk what yall think.

    & anyone that wants to collab in any genre hmu. Im ready to work!

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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