Looking To Collab Or Possibly Start A Music Group

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  1. 5364708
    falkonhifi : Tue 3rd Jan 2023 : 3 weeks ago

    hi there, im a musician from canada! i have been looking to really dig my heels in and work on some music but im also looking to collaborate with some bright minds and makes something unique. i play guitar and sing quite well. i also know my way around a keyboard and i'm very gifted at mastering im down to work on just about any genre but i definitely lean towards indie type stuff too but i also really enjoy lofi and stuff like lil peep. hmu on IG @Desroche_Kayden or via email

  2. 6050240
    griffymcg : Tue 24th Jan 2023 : 2 days ago

    Hello Im interested in joining. Im interested in that same type of music too and play piano and keys. My ig is griffin_mcg.

  3. 2528284
    Krisven : Wed 25th Jan 2023 : 1 day ago

    I would be interested in participating, although I would like to know what genres you are going to create.
    @djkrisven_2305 on instagram

  4. 4248445
    MiltownIC : Thu 26th Jan 2023 : 22 hours ago

    My ig is miltowni.c , just released a song today. Lmk what yall think.

    & anyone that wants to collab in any genre hmu. Im ready to work!

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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