Seeking Partnerships With RNB Trapsoul Pop And Dance Beatmakers

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  1. 4375214
    RobinJuug : Mon 5th Dec 2022 : 1 month ago

    I'm a freelance Producer and also an Artist
    who is constantly releasing product on all platforms. I also am starting a new label in
    2023 that caters to creating the music and vibes
    of the future! I seek to collaborate with Beatmakers to co-produce and provide all involved with fantastic opportunities and I'm
    100% serious and respectful to all creators I
    work with. RNB, Pop, House, Trapsoul, all beats
    are welcome and you keep your copyrights, this
    is legit collaboration. Vibe with me and take
    a chance, you won't regret it! Please provide
    your contact and if you are on IG, please be on
    the lookout on your DM!

  2. 3392130
    lilmayane : Mon 5th Dec 2022 : 1 month ago

  3. 5933517
    s6productions : Tue 6th Dec 2022 : 1 month ago

    It would be really nice if you shared your website or audio site profile with some sort of content. People in this industry are not looking for chances, they are looking for opportunities because only one pays the bills.

    What is a website to see your content?
    Where are you located city and state wise?
    Who have you worked for in the past?
    Is there any other artist we can here your production on that leads back to you?

    When you say "constantly producing on all platforms". What does that mean?

    Are you producing and getting people on Sirius Radio to be heard or just youtube, spotify and other social media resources that has no leads to labels and management?

    No shade at all because the questions I ask is exactly what I'm needing to learn. You must define who you are as both a producer and an artist. It' the only way to build trust factors here. Lastly, what is your overall production goal after working with your artists?

  4. 4375214
    RobinJuug : Tue 6th Dec 2022 : 1 month ago

    To answer some of your questions in as directly as possible...the main thing is that I'm an Artist first and foremost. I also record, engineer and mix my own productions and am also capable of making my own beats. I'm requesting beats from others because I like to do something those with limited social skills may not understand...MAKE NEW FRIENDS and Collaborators. I collabo because I WANT TO,not because I have to.All my colleagues and collaborators split royalties with me EQUALLY in proportion to their contributions.

  5. 2336502
    d3w : Mon 9th Jan 2023 : 2 weeks ago

  6. 4472529
    egoxbeats : Tue 10th Jan 2023 : 2 weeks ago

    I'm an italian rapper and producer, hit me up on ig, i'm interested. mds_theego

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