Looking For Rappers Or Producers For A Christmas Trap Collab

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  1. 2339969
    TAKUSAN : Sun 27th Nov 2022 : 2 months ago

    hey dudes! would you be down with doing a silly little christmas / holiday phonk collab?
    nothing serious just for fun.
    like i send you something basic and you could just send me 8 or 16 bars back and i'll finish the song.

    awnser here or DM me on Instagram (takusan.bass)

  2. 2339969
    TAKUSAN : Mon 28th Nov 2022 : 2 months ago

    a lot of you did send me DM's on instagram.

    I'll just post the download link to some stuff i prepared here.

    read the "Read Me" file if you want to join


    and here's a sample beat so you guys have something to work with if you want to rap on it or something.


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