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  1. 5275534
    jaetonna : Sat 24th Sep 2022 : 8 months ago

    hey ya'll, I'm a rapper from berin, been making music for about half a year
    my music goes into trippie redd/xxx/juice wrld kinda direction.

    let's work together! I work part time but I spent most of my day making music, so let's get some shit done.

    here's my soundcloud if you wanna know what I sound like: https://soundcloud.com/jaetonna

    hit me up on insta instagram.com/jae_tonna or write me here

  2. 4707604
    bertowo : Sat 24th Sep 2022 : 8 months ago

    hey, i'm a producer from italy, i'm down for working with other people, i'd like it a lot. if you want to work with me, let's do this!

  3. 5046223
    firanga : Mon 26th Sep 2022 : 8 months ago

    yoo im down

  4. 3301974
    Infe3rno : Wed 12th Oct 2022 : 7 months ago

    hey dude im a producer from the uk I have a trap beat if you wanna feature message me

  5. 4435316
    Z1TER : Thu 13th Oct 2022 : 7 months ago

    Hey fam! I am a music producer. I have been producing for over 4 years. If you need collaboration, dm me on Insta: @z1terbeats

    I will be glad to cooperate!

Posts (5)

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