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  1. 939537
    DesignatedHitta : Fri 23rd Sep 2022 : 1 week ago

    I've got a little off time, and want to stay sharp as well as build my clientele.

    I'll do a song for free, with maybe 1 day turnaround..

    Give me a try & I'll make something you'll enjoy. ^

    Ask me anything... Thx !

  2. 472620
    Kirkoid : Sat 1st Oct 2022 : 4 days ago

    Hey, I don't know if you can help, I have a track that's a bit special to me as it's the first 'proper' track I put together. However that was 1996, and I had to delete the original files to make room for another track. I recorded it onto cassette, and saved a Real Player version and an mp2 file. They're all not great, the Real Player version is the least bad. I've tidied it up a bit but it still lacks depth and has a lot of hiss. Is this the sort of thing you can do anything with? No worries if you can't.

Posts 1 - 2 of 2

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