My Thoughts About The Music Industry After 9 Years

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    radioilluminati : Tue 16th Aug 2022 : 1 month ago

    When I first started out, I really enjoyed creating different genres of music and enter the ZONE, where I felt total bliss. I did create some great music. A friend of mine used 7 of my tracks for 2 TV documentaries.

    Few years later I focused on making mainstream music, and that's when I began to feel super depressed about my music didn't sounds as good as professional mixed and mastered songs. I spend several years focusing on getting better mix and mastering skills.

    It has also been difficult to find passionate artists to work with win-win.

    A famous artist - in my country - liked an instrumental of mine. I told him, I would look for a sponsor to cover the production costs. Then the newspapers discovered it and ran a negative story about me. It was very dramatic. But it ended positive though. I guess, that's what famous people often experience.

    The newspapers make up stories, that are not true and twist facts. It was crazy to experience, how off target they were. It is clear to me, newspapers care more about ratings than truth.

    It wasn't fun to experience.

    I have also discovered that some artists sell their soul for fame. I helped a rapper avoid that deal. Do the artists really understand how bad a deal it is?

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