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    michaeldante : Wed 10th Aug 2022 : 1 month ago

    I just started music library that I pitch for film, tv, etc and looking for high quality songs, instrumentals, cues, etc for music supervisor review.

    I am new so we've only had two placements in the last 6 months but those two did very well with upfront $$. I am not reinventing the wheel, just giving artists who may have been rejected another ear and chance to see if your song might be what we want to pitch.

    Contact me directly not on this thread with your music link to listen to the song(s) you like to include.

    Must have:

    1. high quality music quality
    2. MP3 version & preferably wav or access to stems
    3. you must own the song, no non approved samples
    4. provide ASCAP or BMI IPI# and applicable splits
    5. songs with vox instrumental version also prefer
    6. if you use samples here make sure they are NOT marked with restrictions.

    The library is non-exclusive so you can place in as many non-exclusive libraries as you want. Remove your music whenever you want, and as always you keep 100% ownership and backend royalties. You keep 75% of all upfront $$ up to $5k and 50% of anything over $5k upfront $$.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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