Has Anybody Ever Shared Their Djay Pro Track Metadata For Tidal

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    kayoskaide : Sat 30th Jul 2022 : 8 months ago

    I use my cdjs in HID mode with Algoriddim Djay Pro in order to spin using songs using my Tidal account. It makes it really easy to incorporate special requests from the audience and allows me to spin using an incredibly large database of songs not having to worry about buying every single one of them.

    I was wondering how the software remembers all my cue points and loops when i load the tracks.

    I found that all that information is stored as metadata in a folder on my hard drive.

    I started wondering if some people are making their metadata information available for download as a way to share building blocks that would make for great mixes.

    I can think of a wide variety of applications such as mixing contests using predetermined set of material, tutorials on how to mix, packs of oldies ready to be purchased and the list goes on...

    If anybody knows where this is available or if anybody is willing to make, share, sell and/or exchange that metadata content in the form of a "metadata Tidal loop pack or bundle" please comment below.

    Any tips or comments on this subject would be very exciting to me! :)

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