Skilled Australian Producer Seeking Committed Rappers

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    suicidemosaic : Mon 27th Jun 2022 : 1 month ago

    Waddup gang!

    I'm a 24 year old producer from Sydney, AU, and I am about to begin my bachelor in Music Production & Composition. This means that soon I will have access to my college's state of the art analog recording/mixing equipment, as well as a grand array of VSTs and software.

    I am already quite skilled at what I do, and am working with two artists to advance their career. I have not developed my talent in the marketing world, so the only service I currently offer is composition of beats and production of songs. I am also an artist, and can help with songwriting as well!

    I am not worried about your location, and am willing to commit time to voice/video call and discuss a vision for your music! My rates are quite low, as I am only just starting to charge for my services.

    Some info on my experience: I have produced songs for a small handful of local AU metal artists(Defy Your Idols, Building the Broken), as well as local rappers(LST, Losty, Paro). I have also been involved in playing live performances.

    Please message me for links to some of my creations! I'm excited to work with passionate artists who take their craft seriously, and aren't afraid to invest in their future!

    Peace, suicidemosaic.

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