Needing Producer To Make Beats Out Of My Samples

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  1. 4820977
    AodhanMustain : Thu 12th May 2022 : 1 week ago

    Hey! My name is Aodhan Mustain, needing someone to make some beats for a collab. Check out my Spotify or Youtube below under the same name (can't post links). Some Peep influences, however the main goal is to make some emo shit with some newer influences, you must be creatively driven! :) You will get full credit for your work, as well as profit splits. If this appeals to you, please hit up my email!

    b o y r o m e o a n d j a m @ gmail .com

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

  2. 4478855
    helloKittyEnjoyer : Fri 13th May 2022 : 1 week ago

    Hi man, my name is Max, i could work with ur samples, i making beats in different styles since august 2019.

  3. 3908655
    CamHockey33 : Mon 16th May 2022 : 1 week ago

    Hey man hmu I can make beats for you my ig is @tg._.jew

  4. 3161255
    issscloutlord : Tue 17th May 2022 : 1 week ago

    Hit me on ig @issscloutlord

  5. 4767662
    JahelProd : Tue 17th May 2022 : 1 week ago

    Wassup bro Im down my IG is Jah.hel

  6. 4351525
    iamarktos : Tue 17th May 2022 : 1 week ago

    hmu on instagram: arktosbeats

    I am your man!

  7. 2521468
    sh1hab : Sun 22nd May 2022 : 2 days ago

    yo man i got u with the emo shit hmu insta: whosshehab

    just released this

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