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    CantFigure : Mon 7th Feb 2022 : 6 months ago


    Artist here,looking for a producer that makes darktrap, and no i'm not tryna "turn up."
    (scroll down to tags). Need someone who can make beats to vocals,and turn the loops/samples I send into full beats.

    Ideally you can:

    ' Mix Vocals
    ' Sound design
    ' Mix n Master tracks

    Ideally you are

    ' Experienced-ISH
    ' Able to work almost daily


    I need someone who is willing to work for free,but paid occasionally for certain leases & other.(TALK MORE ON IG/inbox)

    I want someone to grow with muscially.
    I have a producer name/names to give.
    I can even create a hard custom tag for you for free of course.

    This ^ is optional,but I'll consider you twice as much if you accept, even if you don't meet ANY of the preferences aforementioned.


    Link to ig on profile. Dm me and i'll show you/link to more of my material,as well as explain/expand on anything I've talked about.

    p.s. you can msg me here/blw with links, and etc.

    tags: trapmetal, aggressive, evil, screamo, no melody, emo, errortrap, sadtrap, phonk, boombap

  2. 4375214
    RobinJuug : Mon 7th Feb 2022 : 6 months ago

    Hey Bro... I'm willing to collabo
    with you to get my name out as a
    Producer. I'm already somewhat known
    in Atlanta but I produce and also make
    beats for many people locally under
    different "aliases". I do that to keep
    people out of my business because ATL is
    a VERY rough city, honestly like the Southern version of New York or L.A. so by living here I have to be careful.IG me @appreciation.artmusic we can text in detail if you're serious.

  3. 3074907
    Theodacomposer : Mon 7th Feb 2022 : 6 months ago

    DM ON ig @theodacomposer

  4. 1273564
    LankFrampard : Tue 8th Feb 2022 : 6 months ago

    Get in contact with me, I can provide what you need and I'm available daily (LF)

  5. 2536501
    ofirzzxx : Tue 8th Feb 2022 : 6 months ago

    DM me on ig genodimarco

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