Mixing And Mastering One Song For Free

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  1. 909327
    MEUSIC509 : Wed 26th Jan 2022 : 3 months ago

    i will mix and master one song for you. if you want more after that then we will talk price payable through paypal or cash app first one is free on me and unlike most people on here you can hear songs i have produced by people i know in real life not over the internet or looperman but people in my home town i have songs i have uploaded on here in my profile in tracks most people always say they will mix and master your music but have nothing on there profile to show for it and for people to take you serious you should show your work and not something you did for someone on looperman but in real life everything you hear on my profile is copywriten so if i do a mix and master song for you it will not be on my page because i do not own copywrite to it you do if you are serious about what you do and not just some bedroom producer or artist hit me up

  2. 2551438
    yamonboi : Tue 8th Feb 2022 : 3 months ago

    hey man you did not leave any contact information to hit you up on so can you dm me and I send you more details?
    my instagram is @kay_jeedle

  3. 909327
    MEUSIC509 : Tue 8th Feb 2022 : 3 months ago

    i dont do instagram but i sent you a message

  4. 909327
    MEUSIC509 : Tue 8th Feb 2022 : 3 months ago

    alleyway509 @yahoo.com is my email

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